NYC Postbacc advice?

Hi current and future doctors,

I’m new to this forum but have been following it for a while. I am 27, and over the past year, I’ve made the decision to pursue a career in medicine for a variety of reasons, the most notable being that a friend of mine recently recovered from cancer. I spent a lot of time at the hospital watching his care, and began to change my mind about pursuing an MBA to pursue a life’s work that feels more fulfilling (and intellectually exciting) to me.

Because I lack experience, I have applied for several 2-yr post bacc programs that will allow me to gain clinical experience while completing courses. I chose to do a formal Post bacc because I know I work best in a structured program, and if I am going down this path, I want to do everything possible to set myself up for success when crossing the hurdle into med school. Finally, because my folks live in the NY-area, I am hoping to attend school there so that I can live at home and spend less money. I’ve been accepted into NYU, Columbia and Georgetown’s programs, and I have a few questions for the forum about embarking on this scary, but exciting journey:

  • Has anyone here attended NYU’s postbacc program? I’ve had a positive experience with their administrative office so far via phone, like that they require you to take biochem, and really like that they have a linkage to NYU’s med school, but I haven’t seen many reviews of their program online.

  • Does anyone have any advice about NYU vs. Columbia (in terms of the more structured/more expensive programs in the NY area)? I’ve seen some postings recommending less expensive programs over those two, but for a variety of reasons (given where I applied, where my living situation is and the fact that I’m hoping to get started this fall) these are my options.

    Thanks in advance for your advice!