O-chem 2

How much of this is on the MCAT?

Roughly. 5 questions? 10 questions? 2 questions?

I can’t really remember. My guess would be between 5 to 10 (1 to 2 passages I would say - as per my own experience). But sometimes on a passage you can have questions that mix bio and ochem, like about amino acids and their carboxylic or amine function.

As about OChem 2 per se, I don’t think that the OChem questions needs OChem 2 to be answered. The OChem topics are covered in Ochem 1. Perhaps someone will correct me if I am wrong.

Thank you. That is what I was hoping to hear. I’m not planning on taking o-chem 2 and instead taking biochem x 2 before I take the MCAT.

My only concern in not taking ochem 2 was the MCAT and that there might be a preponderance of ochem 2 questions on it.

So, pre MCAT I will have ochem 1, biochem 1, biochem 2… and of course, g-chem, bio, physics.

Getting closer!

Again, and speaking of my own experience, I scored 12 in both science sections of the MCAT without taking OChem 2. So I believe it is possible to do decently without OChem 2 specifically. Now when you score 12 the curve is very steep, so any additional question right may bump you 1 point. I know I screwed up a few (3 I can recall). So perhaps it explains the 12.

Good luck

  • Adoc2be Said:
Thank you. That is what I was hoping to hear. I'm not planning on taking o-chem 2 and instead taking biochem x 2 before I take the MCAT.

My only concern in not taking ochem 2 was the MCAT and that there might be a preponderance of ochem 2 questions on it.

So, pre MCAT I will have ochem 1, biochem 1, biochem 2... and of course, g-chem, bio, physics.

Getting closer!

As redoitall and adoc2be have stated there are a small amount of Ochem II questions. It should be noted that your prep seems to follow what many med schools are suggesting: a semester of OchemII can be replaced by biochem.

I would suggest that during your MCAT prep you might come across a few things you havent seen before but are likely to learn them easily at that point.

And a general point to all that no matter the MCAT prep you choose to do (ie prep class, self-study) take some good practice exams under realistic conditions. Certainly the AAMC exams and I would get 1 additional from any of the major sources. My rule of thumb if you can work up to 3 to 6 practice exam taken under realistic condition getting consistently good scores that feel comfortable with, that is your best indicator that you are ready for the MCAT

Not taking O-chem 2 isn’t the worst thing, but I know that I got 3 or 4 questions more right on my MCAT because I took O-chem 2. I decided to take biochem in the spring the semester right before starting med school, and it was very helpful to have it so fresh in my mind.

My schedule is pretty set at this point. I’m NOT taking ochem 2 as it is really no longer required at many med schools. Harvard and the University of Minnesota started a “wave” reducing ochem requirements, and increasing diversified science classes to include: biochem, micro bio, and genetics. Even those are not required.

Anyway, for the questions on the MCAT that relate to ochem 2, I’m hoping my prep books (EK) and possibly in class MCAT prep (Kaplan) will suffice. Also, I have a professor who has stated he will help me with any EK questions related to ochem 2 that I cannot figure out. I think my biochem professors will be willing to do the same. It’s been amazing at how encouraging these fine men and women are!!

I’m also focusing very heavily on the verbal reasoning as I’m hearing thoughts from adcoms on that as well.

If a particular med school requires ochem 2 next year and I am going to go through and apply (still doing this class by class, each “A” pushes me onto the next semester), then I’ll take ochem 2 in the fall during my glide year.

At application in August of 2012, I will have 45 credits, all science, with 1 “B”. Those science courses will be made up of 20 - 1000 level, and 25 - 3000+ level, with another 16 credits at the 4000+ level in my glide year. I think I should be okay.

Just my two cents–there was a lot of ochem on my MCAT. I took it in July, and I have also read that there is a lot of ochem on the July and Aug administrations (total speculation of course).

I am only taking biochem now, and there is only 1 course at my school, so I don’t know if we will end up covering the reactions late in ochem 2 that are listed in the AAMC “topics on the MCAT” list–that will depend on your school and also how comfortable you feel with ochem by the end of ochem 1. I know that I (not being particularly good at ochem) did not “get it” until the end of ochem 2.

It’s great your professor will help you. I am very glad I did ochem 2 before the MCAT bc I needed it to get the rxns through my thick skull, but I think you could just learn the mechanisms and principles listed in the AAMC topics list.

I think I’ve written a long post yet contributed not a lot. Sorry.

Thanks for the feedback, Mesc! Your post was helpful in that

  1. you thought out your response rather than just say, “GREAT!” which would have left me wondering tone and tonality of statement

  2. you backed up your thoughts with anecdotal experience

    I am in ochem 1 now and doing pretty well (A- on first exam because I made REALLY dumb mistakes that I’ve learned from). Our next exam is this Monday and it’s all Sn1/2, E1/2 rxns… I’m nervous still but hoping after this weekend, my confidence will rise to the occasion!

    I would also be remiss in not adding:

    in 2009, while taking g-chem1, I sat through the entire semester of ochem 2 (as an UNregistered student, at the behest of the professor who likewise taught my gchem 1 class) … and took their tests… and got my feedback on them… and studied it… and worked it. I’m not saying I can remember everything (if I did, ochem 1 would be a BREEEEEzzzze) yet with my notes, exams, and comments, I’m hopeful that I can just dismiss ochem 2.

    In reviewing the EK books while I am taking the course, I seem to be doing very well. I use both the basic EK books and the 1001 questions.

    When I look at the biology section of the MCAT itself, I will admit I’m more worried about the physiology stuff that is covered rather than ochem. Our biology series does not cover systems so I’m registering for a physiology class this spring to cover it.

    Anyway, you did add good thoughts and for that, I thank you!