O-chem and beyond

I’m going to be starting my junior year next year. Last year, I took the first semester of o-chem with the lab and earned a ‘C’ in both. I know I understand the material because 2 hours before each of the test I was explaining it to a friend who got an ‘A’ in the class. Probably some test anxiety or something. Anyway, I started the second semester and again did not to well. I dropped lecture with a ‘D’ and didn’t bother to take the lab.

My plan this summer is to get an internship at the local children’s hospital, work, and take part of the second half of o-chem. I would try to register for the lab, but it’s in the same time frame as the lecture. My science GPA and overall GPA are a 2.74 and a 3.12, respectively. I made the decision not to take physics next semester and instead concentrate on my major and minor so I can continue to bring up my GPA. (This past semester I received 4 ‘A-’ and a ‘B’ taking 13 credit hours).

I was hoping to be able to take physics at a community college again so I can concentrate on it solely. However, doing this pushes my med school application back a year or two, which is fine because I wanted to earn some money so I won’t live in a cardboard box or with my parents and eat out of cans during med school. I just wanted an opinion or some advice.