O.k. don't want to do that shedule again...

The baby was sick after his surgery so I ended up having to stay home and miss lab this week. The only day I could make it up was wednesday from 6-9.

Wednesdays are my long day. I’ve never eaten so much fast food as I did in that one day.

5 a.m alarm clock went off. Get up, dressed, get baby’s lunch packed, gather my books I left sprawled all over the floor from studying until midnight the night before (dumb move number one).

6:30 me and baby out the door to sitters, I start the hour trek to school.

7:20 need gas, and starving. I forgot breakfast. Off to the Mc.D’s truck stop where I fill up and grab a bacon egg/chees bagel meal w/ OJ and a hot chocolate (I was freezing post gas pumping and wasn’t in the mood for cofee).

8:00 class starts.

9:00 another class

10:00 meeting with my bio prof

11:00 meeting with the health careers advisor

12:00 meeting with my tutor where I scarffed down 3 cookies I picked up at Mc D’s earlier

13:00 lab

16:00 lab over drag one of the youngsters from lab to the pizza joint that sits on the corner of town almost next door to the science building.

17:00 back to science building to study for an hour before the make up lab

18:00 make up lab that ended up taking the entire time.

21:00 lab over begin the commute home but I feel my sugars dropping so I stop again at McD’s for a pie and some sweet tea…sweet tea was aweful. Pie was o.k.

22:00 finally home where I collapse in bed having not seen any of the kids that day.

It took a while for my brain to slow down enough to sleep. And I finally dozed off around midnight.

Right about that time the baby wakes up screaming. He won’t nurse, or take a cup of rice milk. He refuses to be calmed. I worked today which meant I had to be awake by 4:00 a.m. I left him with daddy and went to sleep on the couch where I promptly heard the EMS pager start going off for a town 30 minutes away. No one responds so the tones start chiming for other towns one at a time. Eventually it gets to our town. Our town has this high pitched ear peircing shrill series of beeps that sounds like fingernails on a chalk board. Finally our EMS responds (not even the paid unit from the next down over responded).

Baby starts screaming again.

I think by the time the alarm went off I’d had about 3 hours of sleep. I almost fell asleep a few times on my way to work. Somehow I made it through the 5 hours (considered a short shift) at Mc Donalds and only forgot to put the filters in when I was setting up to open in the fry vats. It’s not a big deal just add them when you notice them.

Dealt with my first obnoxious customers in a long time.

Came home.

Picked up the baby from the sitter because I simply missed him, where we promptly crashed on my bed and fell asleep for 3 hours.

I still want to sleep.

I don’t think my physical therapist would appreciate that though.

Alrighty, I’m off to the next appointment.

If I calculated properly, I spent 16 hours yesterday on school related things. That’s a little bit insanse.

My middle daughter woke me up at 5am because she had a nightmare and wanted to sleep in our bed, which then means I barely sleep because I am getting kicked. My alarm goes off 45 minutes later but I do not get out of bed until 6:15.

Get the eldest child up for school and go down to have Nectar of Life (Coffee). Have to make it to an 8am class, that we found out at 8:30 was not going to happen. 9am, next class starts and it is a review for monday’s exam.

10-11:30am Pathology lecture on GU tumors. Then lunch and then to the library to study. Go to the dentist (yeah no cavities) and try to calm the girls down, eat their dinner, desert, and to bed. Relax a little and now at 12:33am, I am studying pharmacology for Monday’s exam(s).

Nephrology Medicine 8am-11am

Renal Pharmacology 11am-12pm.

Renal Pathology 1pm-3pm.

I say, it is time to meet with my 3 best friends and you are more than welcome to join me:

Jack Daniels

Johnny Walker

Jim Bean.

Here I come boys, line em up!!!

I’m all about welcoming the boys!

I just saw you were at UMDNJ. Where exactly are they located? I can’t seem to orient myself around NJ when I look at their website and wondering if I should put it on the list of considerations (meaning does DH have to leave the state to live if I go there since he hates NJ taxes haha).

Hope your exam went/goes well (couldn’t tell if it happened yet or not).

My school is in Southern NJ, about 20 minutes from Philadelphia in the town of Stratford. Nj Taxes are crap but if you do not have a NJ address then you will wind up paying OOS tuition which is about 14,000 more than IS.

It is very easy to get in state tuition even if you are not from NJ. You just have to live here for 1 year. (1st year of medical school). Tuition for In-state is $24,000.

Thanks, I have exams starting this monday.

Oh that’s not bad at all. His company has branches in Montgomery County. So even if moving to NJ, he could commute. South Jersey isn’t that expensive either (comparing to central shore regions where my grandmother lives and a 2 bdrm is 1mil.)