Ochem II

I took ochem I about 8 years ago and got an A. Obviously I need Ochem II to apply to med school. Has anyone taken ochem II long after taking the first semester? Can it be done?

My wonder is not so much what you need for med school but rather is your knowledge sufficient for the MCAT around ochem 1 that you can risk NOT retaking it for that reason alone?

Only you can answer that…

Ochem II, as the name implies, builds on Ochem I. If your fundamentals from OChem I are strong then you shouldn’t have any problems since OChem II touches less on basics and more on the different kinds of organic reactions.

Depending on the school, in OChem II, you may also start getting into proteins and carbs but most schools don’t cover them and leave it for the Biochem courses.

MCAT doesn’t really have a lot of stuff from OChem II other than amines, carbs, and proteins. Also, depending on your school, OChem I covers IR and UV but it may be covered in OChem II.

Bottom line - it can be done but if you aren’t comfortable with your OChem I reactions and principles - which I suspect you wouldn’t be after 8 years - then I would recommend doing the sequence again.