Ochem test :/

Before today I had a B+ in my Ochem II class.

Very short story…went on a trip to visit family, son got very sick, 4 day trip turned into 6 day trip, got home and finally, I ended up very sick (i’ll spare details)! It was horrible. Once home I had already missed two days of school and my prof had extended my midterm to the very next day. I told her about my son’s sickness and the trip but I never told her about me being sick. I took the test with a horrible headache. I had studied before the trip but not much through the chaos with son and the long trip. sooo i bombed it, i am sure.

So now I know there is nothing I can do about this test but I still wondered all day today…what would another pre-med student, who is trying to get a Letter of Rec from this prof, have done? Would you have asked for a longer extension or just try to take it and try harder for the future tests? My husband told me I should have asked for more time but I was too embarrassed and thought the prof would question me and think I’m just trying to get more time to study. what would you all have done?

I would focus your efforts on really doing well in the next exam. I feel as though it tends to take away from the credibility of the student when they start asking for extensions and offer excuses (even if they are valid). I have had experience with some professors where if you consistantly do well in class and on exams, they will dismiss one exam/quiz that may be uncharateristic of your abilities and look at your overall performance. If your received a B+ in the other exam, you are flirting with “A” territory.

It is tough balancing school and life as an adult. Keep working hard you will accomplish your goal.

I would probably go talk to the prof about what you need to do to improve for the next test, while it sounds like not getting sick is the real answer some profs like it when you make them feel like they are helping plus I gives you more face time. The last thing you want to do is ask for more time or give excuses(not saying you are here). I have noticed that profs like the nontrads typically because we work hard and are a pleasure to teach, but there are always the nontrads that make us look bad. The ones who can never get to class or always have a sick kid or never have enough time. Profs hate those folds.

I say go and talk to you prof and they may even want to know what happened. Then you can tall about what happened. Ofcourse with a B+ on the first test you are probably still on solid B territory by they end of the semester with the curve.

PLUS…wait til you see what you got! Maybe you did better then you think or maybe there will be a nice curve.

How many more exams do you have left? Sometimes a strong showing in the rest of the exams plus really doing well in the final can overcome one low exam grade during the course of the semester.

Good luck!!!

i got a big fat 40!!! Looking at the test now that I feel good, I can easily make several corrections.

She handed me the test, asked what happened but pretty much changed my topic and went right into what I did wrong on the test. She is a good teacher, nice and all, but she has no curves-at least not one she has shared with the class yet.

After class she asked me if I was trying to go for an A or B in the class and I said before today I was going for an A. She said we’ll talk about it. Now that makes me nervous but I’m crossing my fingers

The good news is that she knows that the 40 was not a good representation of your work. Sounds like she was just as surprised at it as you are. I think if you prove to her that this test was a fluke you will be okay.

From a teaching perspective, she’s trying to see if you can prove to her that you can do it on other tests. I foresee a decent grade if you rock the other tests. It’s a lot easier for a teacher to bump up a grade of someone they perceive as putting a lot of work into a course. If I had kids that were borderline (especially in the C - D - F range) and they put forth a good effort/attitude, I’d bump them up.

I agree! I think it’s great she took notice and asked what you were aiming for. Really great news. I’d everything you can to impress her with your vast ochem knowledge in class etc. Most teachers really do hate to see you do poorly esp when you have shown your capability previously.

Thank you all. ill b working hard for that grade