Ode to my planarian ... Bio Lab 1

So today was the first day of bio lab and after going through microscope maintenance we were given a dissecting scope and a petri dish containing a planarian. My lab partner freaked out when I told her that planarians are small tape worms and she dropped the dish. I guess we can add my planarian’s death to the list of sacrifices I am going to endure in order to get into medicine. Don’t worry Beanie (yes, I named him) your sacrifice will not be in vain!

R.I.P Beanie the Planarian

Unconfirmed D.O.B - 3.30.2009 / Time of Death: 9:18AM

Haha! Here’s a quick bio quiz dedicated to Beanie. What are 2 diagnostic features of Platyhelminth’s?

Happy studying!

Answer: 1) they are flattened dorsoventrally 2) they are acoelomate

And what did team Planaria’s basketball coach ask of his players prior to the crucial NCAA play in game?

“Hey, we are man short, one of you needs to split”

Ode to Hugz planarian from lab’ratory

He found you so sweet that he named you Beanie

But to this young tape worm’s unfriendly demise

Some crazy girl dropped you to the table where you lie.

Hugz cut you, and poked you and stared a bit more,

At one point you felt he had removed all your pores

Alas little Beanie, your fears were quite right

Your imminent death did occur before night.

So now Hugz will mourn you and wish you adieu

But we’ll make him remember and to always thank you

For teaching him well and for aiding his quest

To become the next doctor that patients deem the best.