Official Good Luck thread for 8/19/06 MCAT!!!

Good luck to all!

Don’t forget to relax tonight and tomorrow and kick butt on Saturday!

Be sure to let us know how you did!

If anyone is taking the CBT version - how was it?

Ok People. Stop Studying!!!

It is now time to take the rest of the day off and RELAX. Tomorrow, prepare your bag in the morning, make your lunch, map out your route and do not think about the test.

Get some sleep and enjoy. In just over 48 hours time, you are done.

Good luck, I am sure you will do great and remember.

The Force will be with you


Thanks guys! I can’t believe it’s finally here…I’m sooo ready to get this over with. I can’t believe next week I’ll be able to come home from work and actually have time to do something besides study! The nerves though have officially kicked in, I’m trying not to think about it but the butterflies are flying!


Thank you for the best wishes. I am a little nervous but nothing out of hand (yet). I feel as prepared as I can get after 2 months of studying. All I can do right now is prepare myself mentally and do my best of test day.

Good luck for everyone who is taking it this weekend. I can not wait to get it over with and hopefully never see it again.