Official OPM Progress Thread: Chapter 3

Congratulations!!! I know the waiting has been tough, but you did it! AND, you get to CHOOSE!!! laugh.gif

Big congrads Jen - your an inspiration to the rest of us.

Congratulations, Jen!

Go Golden Gophers!
I've been accepted to the combined MD/MPH program at the University of Minnesota. (I was #10 on the ranked alternate list, but since I attended the last interview date, I wasn't complaining.)
Susan - Chicago
PS - No, I haven't made a final decision yet.

Congrats, Susan!

Awesome Blossom!!!

Damned strong work Susan! I was not even aware that you were potentially seeking a PhD adjunct to your MD/DO…very sweet! You are very fortunate to have multiple superb schools from which to select. Are you & your family still planning for them to stay in Chi-town & you to “commute”?
Best of luck & success to you! Keep us informed…

Congratulations!That’s awesome.
Good Luck!! smile.gif smile.gif smile.gif smile.gif
– J