Official OPM Progress Thread: Chapter 3

Here's version 3! Like I said before, nothing thrills me more than to need to open multiple chapters for OPMers to proclaim their successes! I hope that our little organization has had some small part in all of these successes!

guess I'll be the first.
SABA interview 3/5 - over phone
TUCOM interview 4/1 !!!
just need to get ready for my PCOM interview this monday. Any helpful advice?

I'll chime in, too.
Invited for interview today! (DTBD)

Hi OldManDave:
Thanks for your support back over at Thread 2. Believe me, with a few interviews but no acceptances as yet, things can get worrisome. But all in all, I remain hopeful.
Thanks again for everyone’s support. That’s what’s great about OPM – support and guidance from people who have travelled along the path that you want to follow. smile.gif smile.gif
My GWU interview is coming up soon so I will be picking the brains of some OPMers out there.
– J

Just Accepted: UHS
Previously Accepted: KCOM
I love that shift from being chosen to choosing!!! It's great!
Susan - Chicago

got accepted to Ross on friday. Interviewed with PCOM on monday. Not sure how well my interview went. I made it more stressfull than it was. I really fubbed up 1 question I think, about how I went about studying for the MCAT. It caught me off guard because I was thinking of why pcom, why do, etc…
except for that 1 question I think it went overall. Loved the school. Have to wait until mid to late march for a response :expressionless:
they just met last week sad.gif

I am dying to learn which school you plan to choose!

Damned strong work!! Just think, a few days ago, you were thinking that you'd permanently be on the outside looking in! Welcome to medical school…hold on, it's one hell of a ride!!

Accepted: MSU-COM (Michigan State University College of Osteopathic Medicine)
Previously Accepted:
Somewhat overwhelmed,
Susan - Chicago

QUOTE (SPN @ Mar 4 2003, 12:09 AM)
Accepted: MSU-COM (Michigan State University College of Osteopathic Medicine)
Previously Accepted:
Somewhat overwhelmed,
Susan - Chicago

Congratulations! It's like a multiple choice test... wink.gif

Mary, this is the best multiple-choice test I've ever taken in my life. It's fabulous - I feel like Cinderella…

CCOM rejection : not suprised I got the secondary like 3 weeks ago and had it out a week later before the deadline.
LECOM Interview 3/21 - weekend of my cousin's wedding in costa rica. and sandwhich between my TUCOM interview and this next weekend which I doubt they'll have space for. after TUCOM I was planning on moving back to my parents for the month before matriculating to Ross for the may term, assuming I dont get in at PCOM, LECOM or TUCOM.

arg the hard choices.

Rejected @ VCOM. Still waitlisted @ UT-Houston.

Waitlisted at GWU. Still waiting to hear from 3 others post-interview.

rejection at PCOM and TUCOM (got TUCOM just 5 mins ago).
Knew it didn't go well when all the interviewers kept on asking this one girl all these questions. She got 3 times as many questions and talking time as everyone else in the interview. They seemed uninterested in everything I was saying the whole time.
So its LECOM or Ross and I wont find out from LECOM for a few more weeks. But considering how everything has gone thus far I have come to 2 conclusions.
A. Im a horrible interviewer.
B. Im going to end up at Ross because at best I'll prob be offered a spot into LECOM's post bacc program and I dont think the program is worth it.

Got another waitlist --> this time at Drexel. Uggh!@!

Way to go, J!!!


I love seeing all the success of our OPM members!

Go, J. GO!


Awesome! Congratulations!

Thanks for all your good wishes, my fellow OPMers.
I also have some more good news – I was accepted (off the Wait List) to Drexel. smile.gif smile.gif smile.gif smile.gif
I’ll probably choose Drexel, which is in Philly. I love the school and due to certain personal reasons, I need to be closer to my family in NYC.
Thanks again for all your support, OPMers.
To those of you who are applying-- keep the faith, perservere, and it will happen for you. Good Luck!