Official OPM Progress Thread

4th Edition - y'all keep it a goin!

Just got into Nova Southeastern today.
With a special thanks to Tae.
This is a great consolation prize for missing the DC convention.
Susan - Chicago
PS - No, I haven't yet made a decision, but I must do so by Friday, June 13.

Congratulations Susan!!! biggrin.gif biggrin.gif biggrin.gif

Jeff in Seattle

We finally decided.
I'll be attending medical school at the University of Minnesota.
The guys will live here, and I will commute between Chicago and Minneapolis.
Go Gophers!
Susan - Chicago/Minneapolis
University of Minnesota Medical School
Class of 2007 or 2008 (Depends on the MPH. Hmmm…)

Hearty Congratulations!!! biggrin.gif

I was just waiting to see what you decided. . . and I have to say you picked just the school I thought you would!! cool.gif
Now go knock their sox off in Minnesota!!

Congratulations Susan!
U of M is my alma mater - both for part of undergrad and grad school. I also took some of the first year med school courses there as part of my PhD and at least this much was great. The professors were really terrific. Minneapolis/St. Paul are beautiful cities with lots to offer culturally - and if you're from Chicago you must be used to the cold, so you'll survive (bring your gore tex and you radiator heater!)

Congratulations, Susan.
Way to go!!
smile.gif smile.gif smile.gif smile.gif

Hi forum-
I was just accepted at Morehouse School of Medicine after almost three months on the wait list. The reason? The admin specifically mentioned that the choice was between myself and someone else, but that I had completed all the required paperwork and had written letters of interest and updated them on my acitivities. And this is exactly what they told us would potentially get us off the wait list for their school!
The thing is, I am extremely happy and grateful right now but feeling a bit overwhelmed as well. I am going to be working fulltime up until the weekend before classes start. Orientation is in three weeks and classes begin July 10th! I think this is the only medical school that does that. Plus I have to race to complete immunization forms, have a physical and and and…in about two weeks total time.
On the philosophical side, I have just realized that I will be facing a human cadaver in just three weeks or so. Wow.

congratulations! That is a lot to do in the next few weeks. Hopefully your orientation of a few fun days will give you the “breather” you need between work and school.
Congratulations Dr. saralane!

Congratulations, Sara!
All the rush will be worth it. Getting in off a waitlist is extra-sweet, and it's great to see that extra effort paid off for you.
Enjoy Atlanta! It's a brave and beautiful city, and Morehouse is a big, proud part of its history.
Susan - Chicago/Minneapolis/native Atlantan

Let me add my congratulations!
Welcome to the Class of 2007!! biggrin.gif

Congratulations everyone!
Please add your name to the “Roll Call” thread that SPN and I just posted on, that is, if your name and info isn’t there already. Include “class of ____”, your name and/or OPMs member name, your med school, and (if applicable) your residency school/specialty. This is voluntary of course. Think we’ll eventually have a very long list! laugh.gif
Good luck everyone!


Many congratulations to all that have been accepted this time around!
The Class of 2007 is the biggest OldPreMed’s class thus far. Exciting! (OPMs must be doing something right here wink.gif )
Please remember that if you applied this year, and are still waitlisted, that the fat lady hasn’t sung yet . Keep in touch with your schools, let them know how well you would fit into their school and what you’ve done since your application. It helps!
(Parenthetically, I know of a woman who is a MS-I this year. Last year, she was accepted 6 days before the first day of med school…moved herself and her family to get there. Determination is a good word for that!)
Adcoms continue to interview and accept applicants until the class is filled…and remains filled.
Good luck!

QUOTE (Mary Bois Byrne @ Jun 15 2003, 11:18 PM)
The Class of 2007 is the biggest OldPreMed's class thus far. Exciting! (OPMs must be doing something right here wink.gif )

Yes, I agree...this site kept me SANE, HOPEFUL and INFORMED during the long time I spent on the waitlist. I just reviewed the comments y'all posted about the posters (posers?) on the *other* premed sites and almost fell out of my chair any case, I now recommend it to all my old AND young premed friends.
PS. I just checked out the OPM shopping section - must get my hands on thong with logo ASAP tongue.gif !!

I want to add my congrats to everyone as they get their acceptances into the 2003 starting class. When I first spoke with the pre-med advisor at the school I attend, he dismissed my stories of older students being accepted into medical school as “anecdotal” and not realistic in the equation. I’m glad to see so many of you proving him wrong. I hope to add my name next year, for the entering class of 2004!! I’m finished the AMCAS and TMDSAS and now have the AACOMAS and all of those Texas secondaries (2 down, 3 to go!!) Go OPMs!!
Kathy in Richardson, Texas
2002-2003 OPM President

Congratulations to all that were accepted to medical school this year! biggrin.gif biggrin.gif

Well, I have NO progress to report on my apps. Nothing at all from TMDSAS (with the automatic secondaries all completed), a request for secondary from UAMS and Yale (which I’ve learned means nothing but another outlay of $$) and a “recruitment” letter from the U of Minnesota, who apparently considers Native Americans by declaration only (no tribal card required). With no replies to date (Sept 7) I wondered if I should add U of Minn to my AMCAS? I also have UTHSC (Memphis) and Howard, but not a peep from them either. Theresa or anyone who’ve completed interviews, could I ask your stats? Like overall GPA and MCAT, if its not too personal!
Kathy (You can email me at

It never hurts, excepting your pocketbook, to cast a broad net! If you have nickels to rub together, I would certainly view the additional apps as worthwhile investments.