OH Pysio, why hast thou foresaken me?

uuuugggggghhhhhh. 1 point, I just need 1 freaking point…


hang on in there!

I’ve already got one failed test behind my belt…thank God it was one of the 4 tests in this class, so after all I still passed biochem!

I started anatomy block last Monday, and I’m barely keeping up! We’ll have our first test on the back, arm/ hand, and leg a week from tomorrow. I can’t even start thinking about that.


C’mon, question appealers! Mama needs a new grade!

(I have enough people in my class who let no question go unchallenged that I can often just sit back and count on at least a couple of extra points on any given exam. I hope the Points Fairy is good to you this week!)

Appeal, Gabe, appeal!! If you still have time, find one question and appeal! I know Denise said that at Wisconsin if others appeal, you may get the point, but at WVSOM, if YOU don’t appeal, you won’t get the point even if others do.

Other than that. . .like Kasia said, hang in there. There will be other exams and chances to bring that your average back up again.

Thanks guys. Right now, I have 3 classes which I will probably either High Pass or Honor.However, I am struggling with Biochem and Physio. The only problem is that I know the material but it does not translate on the exams. I totally bombed this biochem exam. There are 2 more exams for both biochem and physio. I am meeting with a biochem tutor on Sunday and I have already begun studying for those exams. I am working with the student resource center to work on some test taking skills that I may be lacking.

Well, par for the course. I have passes 2/3 exams in both classes to date so it is a matter of bringing it all for the last 2 exams. I am sure that I will do fine in the end.

Gabe, sounds like you’re doing exactly the right things to get things straightened out. Keep at it!

Well, I have been studying for my biochem and physio exams since last week (the exams are next week). I have been very thorough about it. I have been doing questions in the back of the BRS chapters that I have finished and have been doing very well on the material.

I have met with my tutor for biochem and will meet my physio tutor on Sunday.

for some reason, I still do not feel like a medical student. Probably because all I am doing is taking science classes right now. My performance in this past exam has really hit my self confidence that I am trying to rebuild.

If how I am doing on these board questions are any predictor on how I will do on the exams, I will be fine. amazingly, that 1/2 the class failed this last biochem exam and it has sent shock waves through the first year class. Many people are actually protesting the exam and there were meetings with administrators and the class president and curiculum representative over this.

I am just going to see what comes out of it. I am focusing on my studies.

when will I start to feel like a real medical student and not just another graduate student?

I’m not sure. I felt like a real medical student as soon as I started drowning in science classes. In my school, you cannot use BRS as a guage to your exam performance, because course exams are more detailed. This warning may or may not apply to you. But it is a good way to figure out areas you have not studied nearly well enough.

The controversy and protests, by the way, are common in my class as well. Perhaps you will feel like a med student when you start complaining to administrators. It seems to be a rite of passage. I usually just sit back and watch.

I just got out of meeting with my biochemistry professor and I redid the exam questions that I incorrectly answered. Apparently, the problem is NOT that I do not know my material. I know it and I know it well. The problem is that I am not properly reading the question and picking the answer that makes sense for THAT question.

A very fixable problem. My professor’s questions are very COMLEX like. So studying via the BRS and COMLEX books is a good thing.

Boy am I relieved that I know my stuff and that I know how to get better grades on his exams. We discussed it.

Man O Man O Man.

Ok. I had my Lipid Biochem exam today. I studied my petutie off, met with my professor to go over the last exam, met with the academic aide and met with my tutor.

Well apparently it all paid off. When I handed in my exam (I took 1:45/2:00hrs) my professor looked at it right away and said that I got no more than 4 wrong!!! Then later I saw him and he told me that I had a significant improvement over my last exam!!! Oh man what a boost!!!

Back to GI Physiology!!

Glad to hear it, Gabe . Looks like you’re finding what works for ya.

YAY! Go, Gabe!

Gabe, congrats! I can tell you that reading the questions in the proper context is one of the biggest challenges I faced when it came to COMLEX. For you to find that out now is a real blessing! Keep up the good work!

All Right People!!! A massive comeback…

I am passing again!!! 89.66 on my last Biochem exam!!!

Gabe! That’s an awesome score, I am envious!


who got a “conditional” in Biochem and had to do 3 weeks of summer remediation before passing

Glad to hear it, Gabe .

  • gabelerman Said:
All Right People!!!!!! A massive comeback....

I am passing again!!!!! 89.66 on my last Biochem exam!!!!!!

Sorry I have not commented on your tribulation previously, but if it makes you feel any better, BioChem was my first ass-kicking in med school too. In fact, it was the first exam I took in med school AND the first exam I failed in med school AND the first time in my academic career I had a course professor call me to his office to discuss how badly I failed...which is especially surprising considering the quality of my performance my first in Ugrad-world! But I digress...

That very humbling experience & the advice I rec'd from the prof really altered how I attacked med school from that point forward. Now, I certainly cannot make the claim to have never failed another exam...man, would that ever be a lie! But, it set the tone for becoming a highly-efficient learning machine, just as you will become.

Good work grasshopper! Keep it up & you will all of the sudden realize, you are dun! ...much quicker than you can imagine...

Almost a 90 on a biochem exam. I thought that was all but impossible! Congratulations! Now you can look forward to Thanksgiving with your whole heart!

This is really great news and just what you needed!

Keep the faith, man!

Well, it is done!!! And a comeback none the less!!!

I achieved a final score in both physiology and biochemistry to pass and avoid remediation!!!

My first semester of medical school is in the books. Time to pack for my Carribean Cruise vacation.