OK, FUD and PANIC!!!

Trying to gather my senses and tell myself I can do this. 1st class in Physics today. All homework has to be submitted online via Wiley Plus. I have neither book, nor code yet due to money issues at the moment. My home computer is broken and will not access outside servers. Professor cites we must be up to speed in basic Trig. I never took trig in high school and just barely touched on it in Calculus. Threw up some basic trig problems on the board and everyone knew the answers except me. Class also has a “clicker grade” Never saw one before, and had not budgeted for such.

Pluses - I sat in the middle seat up front. He took attendance and everyone answered “here”, I answered “present” to stand out. I made friends with the physics whiz kid on my right - possible tutor. Physics tutoring room has evening hours one day a week. Decided to go into the overdraw on my account to get both book and clicker. I will use computer at work for homework until I get my macbook. Significant other cites I no longer need to cook and he will fend for self while I do this. Still friends with Calc I professor who has a 1 hour “Everything you ever needed to know about Trig” tutorial that she does. Have emailed her to see if she can spend time with me to teach that little tutorial. KHAN ACADEMY, KHAN ACADEMY, KHAN ACADEMY. Professor gives grades for attendance in class and attendance in discussion - I’m good. Professor gives quizzes in discussion - I’m good. 25% of grade is homework and it being submitted on time - I’m good. Only 2 tests and the final is NOT cumulative. Chap 1-6 first test and 6-12 second test - I’m good.

I think I have a game plan in place. But fear, panic, and terror…absolutely. It looks daunting. I feel woefully unprepared compared to my classmates. But there are 123 of us, and I am in the middle seat, front row. Every defense requires a good offense. GAME ON!!!

What kind of book do you need for your class? I have a couple of physics course books in PDF… all of them are used for non calculus based physics in our schools here in Boston area.

Best of luck, my class starts in exactly one week.

Sometimes profs cn get temporary code to allow students to sign up when there is a book shortage, ect. They get them from the sales rep.

Vicki–PM me your address. I have a book that helped me pre-physics to really brush up on trig. It’s called “Trigonometry Demystified” and it’s currently gathering dust in my attic. You are welcome to it!

You need trig for vectors, which is a big part of the initial physics conversations… but don’t fear… after that, it starts blurring a bit. You don’t need ALL of trig. You need PARTS of it. Just focus on the low hanging fruit and get what you need. You do not, however, need to master an entire trig course right now in order to do well on the physics you are jumping into. When you hear a trig topic, just look at the book I’m sending you, and visit Khan Academy. Merge it with your physics text… go slow, and practice.

One class at a time. Just do lots of practice problems and work the solutions again and again until you are confident.

Repeat after me… “It’s NOT CALCULUS.” If you could conquer that, you can DO this!


What is the book you need? I have a bunch of PDFs, I can dig in there.

Oh and Phys I is not very hard, and once you get the ball rolling, you can cruise without too much effort (but with work though). I understand it can be scary, but do not let yourself be intimidated.

Not that I want to add extra pressure, but before you take the MCAT, that’s the kind of stuff you will need to understand really well, and remember, on the MCAT, time is tight and no calculator, so make sure to put a great emphasis on the concepts.

Good luck.

Hi OPM family,

OK the book is Cutnell and Johnson - the 9th Edition - with the Wiley Plus specific to that edition. He basically said today that an 8th edition won’t cut it. On the good news side - He emailed all of us today that the codes the bookstore is issuing with Wiley Plus are NOT working and he is in negotiations with the manufacturer about it. He said to sit tight on homework until this issue is resolved - WHEW! Went ahead and overdrew my account for book and code and “clicker” …should have it tomorrow. Thanks to everyone that offered Physics texts!! Carrieliz - I will PM you with addy, I am eternally grateful. And waiting on Calc teacher to get back to me with her mini tutorial on Trig. You see, I was an early admission student back in the 70’s. Went to my first college at age 16. Wasn’t in high school long enough to take trig, or chemistry. I know I can do this…It’s just going to be HARD work. Professor is Australian with a delightful accent. For that alone, I think I am blessed!.

No worries–I’ll send it tomorrow!

**The physics department head of my university had to give me special permission to take “College Physics” because I didn’t have trig on my transcript. I pointed out that I had calculus, but she didn’t care for some reason. I also pointed out that my last math (trig or not) was over 10 years ago, so no matter what showed up on my transcript, I’d have to review it.

This woman is truly eccentric. So she waved my transcript in my face and said, “I know you have an excellent GPA, so I’m letting you in this class… but don’t expect to get THESE grades that you are used to getting! You can definitely swing a ‘C,’ and if you work hard you can get a ‘B’.”

HA! I had the highest average in both physics I and physics II… well over 100% both semesters. Take THAT, crazy lady.

You are tenacious, Vicki. I’m not worried about you vs. Physics in the slightest.

Geez, what a douche about the textbook code. B/C general physics has changed so much in the past 3 years. Obviously on the take from the textbook company. Sorry you had to drop that kind of money. The good news is in med-school you seem to barely have to buy a book, (not that you have time to read them if you did, lol).

I have it!!! 9th edition both the book and the solutions manual in PDF in excellent quality with index and everything. PM me.

PM’d LifePlusMedicine. THANK GOD for this forum and what has really begun to feel like family!!! I was born 14 years after my brother - Parents, Aunts, Uncles, and almost all my cousins are deceased. I just have to say, you guys are the best. Thank you Carrieliz! BTW, of course my card ended up declined at the bookstore. It has been a rough couple of months getting back on my feet financially after 1 month of LWOP in May when I wss so sick. You guys are lifesavers!!! First lab this AM. Taking my calculator and the 2 hours of KHAN I did last night, and gonna give it my best!!


It helps if you think of what you’re feeling-not as fear, uncertainty and doubt-but as the adrenaline rush that can give you the energy you will certainly need to get through all this. The adrenaline rush is the recognition that the task before you is enormous, but you can take it and use it as a positive force for giving you energy. Go for it!


I have the book as well in PDF. But I saw somebody else also has it.

I am happy VickiV could be helped.

Great community folks!