OK...I matched

Thanks for the words of reassurance and encouragement I feel like the first month out in Iowa might be a little rough, but I’ll quickly catch on. The great thing is that my residency classmates all sound like great people who will help bring me up to speed.
Now, I will be enjoying the last 5 weeks of rotations, then off for a little R&R before jumping in head first to intern year. I must be sick to be looking forward to being an intern. It presents this great challenge. I haven’t felt this way in a long time. It’s great to have this feeling back.
Again, ask me this in a year…lol

Tec, if you’re crazy, I must be too, as I am actually looking forward to getting started.
BTW, once you get to Iowa City, I know a great place to stay-- my aunt and uncle own a Bed and Breakfast in the Historic homes area of Iowa City.
I look forward to meeting your classmate.
Congrats to everyone!

Hey Tara (and Epidoc),
Congratulations on the matches! It’s great to know where you are going to be next year but please, please, enjoy some free time. Take a little vacation and do something not related to medicine or moving to a new city.
Since Virgina was almost totally computerized, I thought I would never catch on to all of the nuances. It turns out that I really miss that system. My fellow residents were great about helping me get up to speed. I am sure that the folks in Iowa will help you along and you will be sailing in no time.

We’ve already got that planned. The hubby and I are heading out for an Alaskan cruise the week after graduation When I was accepted to med school, I said that I wanted that as my graduation present. It’s just strange to think I am this close to that goal.
My friends that went to my post-bacc with me (there are four of us in my class) were all saying how it feels like we were still sitting in our classes together at Towson Univ. My how time flies

I was just trying to check up on my OPM buddies for the first time in ages and want to add my congratulations to everyone who matched. What a great time!
Enjoy yourselves between now and July. You’ll have a blast once your residency starts but it’ll be a much different type of high-intensity fun that the laid-back fun you owe yourself after four years of hard work (not to mention the many years of hard work getting into school).
Congrats again!
Take care,