Ok...so I started this spring...

Let’s see now. I started back FT this spring semester. Taking 17 SH. Both Calc and Chem.

And since the semester has started, I have been in the hospital for 4 days, and now my father is in the ICU after going in for a routine test a week ago Monday.

There is nothing like making a decision and then having “life” crop up and see if you are truly committed.

I have since been able to drop Chem as it was before the Census date, to give me a little breathing room with everything else going on.

I am so sorry that things are rough right now … I hope you are doing better, and that your father is OK. My thoughts are with you.

You made a wise decision in my opinion for dropping CHEM. I’m sorry to hear about your father. It’s a huge burden on you if you have to start a course with a rough start.

Sorry to hear, but hope your father has a speedy recovery and hope things go well on the courses you will keep this semester.

You made a very wise decision. Having spent an extended amount of time in the ICU with a loved one, the advice I want to give you is get plenty of rest and eat healthfully. It’s really easy to get sick in this situation.