Ok, this may seem to be an odd question...

My grandmother that passed away in Nov was a breast cancer survivor. As we were going through her house this weekend, I found 5 “fake” breasts of different sizes (prosthetics). Her original heavy vinyl one (from the 70’s) was buried with her. The rest of these seem to be newer and barely (if ever) worn.
I was wondering if there was some place that might take them and give them out to somebody in need that can’t afford one. I know it’s weird…I just hate seeing these things get thrown out if somebody else could use them. My uncle was appalled that I even suggested that we try to donate them. Maybe it is a stupid idea.
Hope everybody has a good day.

I don’t think it’s at all stupid. Why don’t you try contacting the American Cancer Society? I’m sure they could point you in the right direction.

You might also check for local organizations that donate medical supplies (of all kinds) to third world countries, like Medisend here in DAllas. I don’t know the particulars of breast prosthetics, but “one use” items might not be accepted int the US, but can be shipped overseas where they are very needed and not as strictly regulated. Good luck, and I think its great you thought of others.