Okay, Pixie, you rock my world

I’m a third of the way through the gen chem videos on Khan, and I know that I’ve got this. His descriptions make SOOOOO much sense! You freaking rock for sharing this.

PS - I’m thinking I’m going to apply to translate some of the stuff in French. That will make a nice EC, too, eh? :wink:

My very own thread?! Does this mean I’m internet famous?

So glad the videos are helping you! Even if translating them doesn’t impress a future adcom it’s a great thing to do.

Absolutely! passes Pixie Internet Queen of the Day crown

You know what’s even better than awesome videos and looking good to adcoms? Never, ever forgetting the info because of taking the time to translate it all, haha.

I love Khan Academy also, but have found another source, too: Brightstorm.com. I found their videos to be helpful in my current chem class. Thought I’d share! I think an OPMer turned me on to their website in the first place.

Thanks, Shannon! I’ll definitely check that one out, too, since it will be hard for me to re-watch the Khan exercises later (I have an eidetic memory so I often remember exercises I’ve seen before).