okay, so maybe you were right....

A while back there was a thread running in which the topic of the maturity level, the humanity, the integrity, etc. of the TRADITIONAL medical student was discussed. I remember indignantly defending them as a group, encouraging people not to generalize, to see each person as an individual, yada yada…
After visiting the web site MSN, I remember now the horror of realizing that the same people who had teased the retarded kids at school, made fun of the kid with a lisp, and pulled the legs off frogs for fun were now some of my classmates.
I had blocked all that out. Forgive me.
Bring on the non-trads.

LOL a lot of 'em are just fine, though!
When I was in applicant mode I used to tell people that I visited the Princeton Review bulletin board (which now requires logins and e-mail addresses, so has gotten tame) to inspire me and remind me why I applied - it was to make sure that those little snots did NOT get in!
I continue to hold to the (untested) belief that the really major jerks on those boards form a disproportionate percentage of the people who do NOT get in. By and large, my traditional-age classmates are great people. (I have to admit there are a few immature jerks, but such is life.)

i feel so much more prepared for this now at age 25 then i would have at age 18.

non-trads whip the whipper-snappers!