old man at UT Southwestern

Hello all. I worked in IT and as a corporate pilot until returning to school three years ago. I started med school last fall at 38 years old. There are two 40 year old women in my class so at least I'm not the oldest!
I had to retake Bio, Chem, Phys and Org since my course credits were more than 10 years old. I worked part time in a research lab at UTSW for two years while taking the pre-reqs and MCAT. The research led to a publication and several quality recommendation letters which made a big difference when applying.
I married my high school girlfriend at 19. We've been married 20 years with two children, 16 and 17.
No matter what people tell you, you have to experience the volume and pace of med school to understand it.
Hope to see you all in Dallas,

Welcome, Todd! Great story! So are you in your first year or about to start in the fall? Sounds like you're finishing up your first year.

Thanks for your post Todd. I AM 40 years old and have to retake Bio, Chem, Phys, and Org…so if I make it into Med school it wont be until I am 42…

Welcome to OldPreMeds! You do know that we have an OPMer in the class ahead of you at UTSW? Her name is “Will” and she occasinally posts here…although she is predominantly a quiet member. We love her anyway!
You had mentioned, on the list-serve, that you were probably going to attend our conference in May. Are you still planning to do this? I have to receive your registration form.
Let us know…see ya’ in Dallas!