Old Man Dave has a Diary out there folks!

Hi there,
Just in case you have been sleeping the past couple of days (yawn), Dave has a diary out there too. For many of the folks who are coming behind him, the information and experiences that he has to share will be invaluable. There is nothing like having someone give you a blow-by-blow description of what’s happening. I can tell you from experience that being on the residency interview trail is exhausting and brutal. After a point, you just don’t care any more and much of your life will depend on the decisions that you make at this time.
Can you make a mistake? Sure, so read his experiences very carefully. One of the most difficult tasks in medical school is having to make a life decision based on your third-year experiences. In some cases, this can be a good thing. I can’t tell you how many of my classmates rolled into medical school with pre-conceived notions of what they wanted to do only to find out third year, that they hated their chosen specialty. Others like me, ended up being talked into something that they would wind up hating and got back on track before it was too late. (If it looks like a surgeon and walks like a surgeon, it is a surgeon!)
If you follow your heart and spend some time knowing what you truly love and not what Mom or Dad or the Dean thinks you should do, you will make a good choice. In Dave’s case, he has done just that and will have great stories to tell. Besides, I need some company to off set all of my blood and guts! biggrin.gif

Yep, and there are even some new entries. I will begin working on another one soon.