Old premed friendly/unfriendly MD schools?

Hi all! This is my first time posting here and I’m happy to have found this site!

I’m a 37 y/o premed student and will be applying for schools this summer for 2008 matriculation.

I’m aware that most DO schools are open to non traditional student like myself. However, does anyone know which MD schools are particularly known to be open to applicants like us or not open to applicants like us?


This too is a question in my mind…so if anyone can shed light on this, it will be appreciated.

Quick search and you will find the answer…(hint: no one is going to state they are against nontrads…hint2: every school will take a nontrad…it will depend on your stats.) Being nontrad is not a blessing nor a curse it just is. Stats, good application package, and a good interview will get you in. All that plus a few years on you just mean you’ll be using a walker to get to class.

search for “non-trad friendly” or some similar word string and you will find several previous discussions on this topic. I’ll add to Crooz’s list: Hint3: there really isn’t a list. People are always trying to generate one but the fact is that non-trads have gotten into lots of both MD and DO schools in the United States.


I’ll second what Mary has said. While there are definitely some allo schools that are more open to non-trads, I’m starting to think that there really aren’t that many of them that are NOT friendly to non-trads. I ended up at a school that I considered to be “unfriendly” to non-trads when I applied. I don’t really know why I thought that, but it’s not true. There are actually quite a few non-trads in my class.

I think people tend to view the higher ranked/more competitive school as being non-trad UNfriendly because they typically have higher stats for their classes and a lot of non-trads have lower than average stats. Many non-trads have past sins (i.e. not so stellar grades) to make up for when they decide to try for med school. This does eliminate some schools that have strict grade cut-offs. If you have poor past grades, you might look into that aspect before applying to some schools.

Get the best grades you can, do well on the MCAT, and then apply broadly. If you are truly interested in a school, don’t not apply just because you think they are “unfriendly” to non-trads. You might be surprised at where you end up.

ALL of them will potentially accept you IF you are a competitive candidate.

Competitive is subjective from school to school. I’m competitive (pending a good MCAT) to IL schools, but no way in h3ll will I get in to WashU.

That’s ok though - I know where I want to go, and I know I’m competitive for that school and similar and that’s what I’ll be fighting for.