Old Premed Holiday Wish List

Thought this one might be fun to start. Aside from perfect MCAT scores, a 4.0 GPA, and entrance into Johns Hopkins; what is really on everyones wish list for the holidays?

I personally would like to get a new Taylor Acoustic (814ce) as my last present to myself before being a poor college student again.

I am a poor college student so I am asking for anything that helps!! So far I have an early Christmas present…Kaplan’s MCAT prep book and cd. Since I have to take it in the summer I needed it now. As far as everything else I just want my children to stay safe and my family to be able to be together for the holidays. I will be traveling home to North Carolina next week.

I bought the Exam Krackers books. Luckily, the money I got from selling my GMAT books paid for most of it. I’ll probably ask my mom for the Audio Osmosis CD.

I’m in the same boat as most others. As I’m returning to school and will have no money or time, I’m asking for only the essentials. I’ve asked my sister to fix the front apron along the underside of my car’s bumper. It’s not an expensive part at all, but I can’t justify paying for it!

My sanity back from finals.

I’ve decided to save all of my money for med school applications. Even though that component of the journey is still several years down the road, I’m gonna need those thousands of dollars!

I’m with Gabelerman on this one.

I hope Santa brings a big box full of energy for the new semester starting in January.

The reason I pray for this is that my energy levels have largely been used up by now, and I have another week to go before exams are over for this semester.

The biggie still left to write is Cardio-vascular. Now, this is a great topic, but wohoooo, lots of stuff to know, study, and be tested on.

Best wishes!


  • HugzMonster Said:
I've decided to save all of my money for med school applications. Even though that component of the journey is still several years down the road, I'm gonna need those thousands of dollars!

The process is pricey, but make sure you don't get anhedonic between now and then . Gotta have interests and entertainment! Also, sell your football tickets, except maybe 1 a year

As for me... on the one hand, there's a bunch of "stuff" that'd be useful, but it's really just stuff. I've already received more than I can ask for, this year especially. Outside of the opportunity to start school, and then recover from my screwups, I've had humbling support from family, loved ones, even OSU staff.

My big thing this Chrismukkah is seeing my little brother and my girlfriend, who are both several states away (in different directions, too). Both should be great

As for things, I could use a space heater. And a NYRangers Richter jersey, from some years back. I'd like to grab a copy of "Getting into Residency" that OMD recommended. And a fancy-shmancy digital SLR camera, mmm. But mostly, family, friends, loved ones, a solid result on this upcoming Cell 2 exam, and balance and energy for the upcoming year. Oh, and a nice research spot for the summer.

Heh... guess I can still ask for a lot!

Unless I really need the money, I won’t be selling my OSU football tickets. That’s my religion!

Is it bad to want an otoscope so I can look in my own kids ears before dragging them to the pediatrician? Yes, I’m weary of no sleep due to my ever snotful, crying, ear tugging children. T’is been over a month. Sigh.

I want all the things first listed the 4.0, perfect MCAT scores and admission into Johns Hopkins. Oh and after that I want them all to tell me how wonderful I am everyday and how lucky the field of medicine is that I yours truly decided to enter it.

I also want endless energy and a more supportive boyfriend…preferably one that looks like Patrick Dempsey.

I have to admit that the main thing on my wish list is to match to my #1 choice for residency. . . . but that can’t happen until Feb. 9

I’ll keep my fingers crossed that you get your first choice for residency!

I’m dreaming of a late Christmas for you, Linda

Christmas at home with my wife & daughters.

Hello everyone and hope you all have a great holidays! My big holiday was last week, Eid Al-Adha, as I am Muslim and we do give gifts too. So first of all Eid Mubarak(Happy Eid) to any fellow OPM Muslims! I still love seeing XMas lights and trees, my parents love to decorate for XMas and it brings back loving memories of when I was a kid. I am wishing for 2 things for the holidays:

  1. that I will have some spare money to purchase a goat for a Rwandan family.

  2. My biggest wish is that my fiancee would get news that his brother will get a permanent home in the USA. his brother is currently in Kakuma refugee camp in Africa and it is a horribly hard life and it is just waiting for sponsorship. My fiancee is from the Oromo people of Ethiopia and they have undergone and still are undergoing a genocide. My fiancee works very hard 7 days a week driving taxi to send money to his brother every month. I’ve been with him for 4 years and he loves his brother so much and I wish someday soon he will find out his brother will get sponsored and get to a safe country, preferably the USA so they can be near each other.

  3. I hope all people no matter who they are or where they are find joy and peace in their lives even in a little way. Insha’Allah(God Willing).

    4)Also, I hope we all enjoy this crazy path that we are travelling down and enjoy it every step of the way.

    Have a happy holidays everyone!


Oh yeah… and I wish for Mehgan to be able to count as she said she has ‘2 wishes’ and then listed four. Do you have to be able to count accurately for calculus???



I would like a new backpack.

So, how much do goats cost in Rwanda?

  • ttraub Said:
So, how much do goats cost in Rwanda?

Here's one site:

Goats in Rwanda?