Old PreMeds school chapters?

Are there any OldPreMed chapters at schools or is this online here in the forums only?

I ask because I went to Northeastern’s first AMSA meeting last week, and I was the only person there over the age of 21 (might be exaggerating a bit… there could’ve been someone there who was 25-28 and just looks young).

I am going to talk to the Dean of the CPS program to see if I can get access to the ppl registered as pre-med students. I’d like to draw them in to the AMSA meetings. But it occurred to me that AMSA doesn’t really seem to have anything for us NTS’ (unless I’m missing something? please let me know!)

… so I was wondering about having OldPreMed chapters… do they exist and Northeastern just doesn’t have one? Or, do they not exist, and if so is there any interest in doing that?

This has been discussed many, many times. The issue is that people do not have a lot of time. But if you have the time, talk with the Board.