Old Science Courses

I thought I would mention what it was like taking Biology and Chemistry courses after not having had them in more than 20 years… How shall I put this? It was like taking these courses for the first time ever.

Well, the Human Genome project was certainly not complete when I took high school biology. High school students coming to undergrad programs who have taken high school biology are now quite well versed in the molecular aspects of DNA and genetics. Since the 1980’s there are a lot of new chemical elements! And I realized I really remembered nothing that I could really use from my coursework in Physics, Biology, and Chemistry, when I took the courses again.

Biochemistry is such an integral part of modern medicine, that I think it is essential to have a solid background in upper level Chemistry, Organic Chemistry, and Biochemistry classes. Physics is very important on the MCAT, as well.

Not only will retaking these courses put the concepts fresh in your mind for the MCAT, but they will provide you with a fresh foundation for ongoing sequences of science courses and topics that you will encounter in Medical School.

My suggestion to you, if you think the old courses were solid, is to sign up with the AAMC to get to their free practice MCAT, which is one of the old MCAT’s. Do the run-through, see where your strengths and weaknesses are, and plan your courses accordingly.

I thought that the Kaplan book to review for the MCAT was great, a fairly good synopsis of the core concepts that should be gleaned from your courses for the MCAT.