Older prereqs

I’m getting mixed responses from people on what to do in this situation.

I took Biology as a dual enrollment during my senior year of high school in 2002 and got an A, it counted as Biology 102 + Lab. I actually found this out while trying to register for biology 102; imagine the big cheese on my face realizing another pre-req down with an A

It may refresh my memory when I start going over the MCAT study materials, but really the only thing I remember doing in this class was cutting open a fetal pig and taking out its heart

So some say that my memory will wake up when I look over the study guides, and others say biology has changed drastically in the past 8 years and I should retake it.

Just a bit worried… the biology teachers here at this school has a nasty rep for being pretty difficult… (B+ in Bio 101 @ this university, GR!)

As you pointed out, that, unlike physics or chemistry, biology has changed drastically in the past 5 to 10 years. Therefore it is often suggested that general biology be retaken.

Another vote for retaking :slight_smile:

Actually my gut is telling me to retake it, I’m just a bit worried… that B+ in bio 101 really should have been an A… I just hope I can do better in 102


Take a little time to figure out WHY that B+ wasn’t an A, and what you can do about it. Medical school teachers are generally way tougher than college bio teachers, so see if there’s something else, something you can control, that can make you more successful in your next bio class.