Oldpre-dents thread

Hello, people! My name is Eunah and I am studying to eventually get in to one of the dental schools in my area. Since there are no one on this site/forum who have mentioned or brought up anything about dental schools, I will be the pioneer and mainly float around on this thread to help anyone who is interested in dentistry.



bump! No one yet?

Eunah, I’m glad you started this thread and I hope you will get some responses. We have a few thousand registered members of OPM but only a few hundred who post with any regularity - so I am thinking that among the many lurkers, there are surely some others who are sharing your experience. Good luck, and do keep an eye on the thread and bump it if it starts to fall off the first page of thread listings for Pre-Med Discussions.


Happy New Year!

Mary, thanks so much for the inspiration. I’ve been reading your posts here and there. You’ve been giving people like me such uplifting feedbacks and hopes that we CAN accomplish anything we dream of doing if you put your mind and give all you’ve got to it. Thanks again and keep up the good work! Everyone on this forum site is matured individual, not like some of them on SDN, and I appreciate that.


PS: I now realize that I’m NOT too old to dream. So, I much change my screen name soon.


I will do you one better - I will make this thread a sticky so it will dwell at the top for a while. I hope that you are able to ferret out some interested folks. Like I said, OPM’d certainly be willing to support a couple of new forums for pre-Dent / Dent if we have enough folks who want it. Same goes for pre-Podiatry / Podiatry…

Thanks, OldManDave! I believe that most of the OPD’s are still lingering around on SDN. A conference on dental schools would be a great idea also!

Since both medical and dental students need to deal with some of the same issues, especially non trads, It maybe better to have a seminar within the conference specifically geared towards pre-dents, pods, opts, etc.

hello everyone. I am new to the site…i actually heard about it from my advisor at UMD’s Post-Bac program.

I wanted to say a couple of things. One, this site is great! I scrolled through quite a few threads and would like to echo eunah’s comments about everyone being mature and respectful. I have spent many hours on SDN and for the most part the people there are great, but several SDNers really abuse the site.

Secondly, I wanted to say that I too am a pre-Dental candidate. I will be applying for admission in 2008.

I hope that other “Old” pre-dents can contribute to this thread…I know that i find it very encouraging to speak with others in my position who are planning a second (or third, fourth, etc.) career to be in dentistry.

eunah or anyone else, please pm me if you have any questions.

I’m pre-dental! The ratio of 3 people for dental and the rest of the group for med, is just like all my current classes

I am actually suprised at the ratio. Many of thetraditional students in my class are thinking of dental as a primary goal, not sure if it is the lifestyle issue and/or the perception non-insurance income to be made. For example, a very bright girl here (like 3.9 GPA bright) is looking into DDS/PhD programs. That seems to be a growing field as UMDNJ just started an PhD in Oral Biology. It also seems that the DDS/MD programs are highly competitive sort of indicating a high number of students interested in the field.