Oldpremed conference

Hello all,
I have recently started my journey to becoming a MD/DO or possibly a PA. At this stage I have a lot of questions matched only by my desire to move into a career in medicine.
I am 32 years old without a bachelors degree so I feel I am at the start of a long road. From what I have read so far though I’m not the first to start down this road and I won’t be the last. I am currently working in IT, in Crystal City, and that leads to one of my first questions.
Would it be worthwhile for me to attend the oldpremed conference this year? Like I said I am at the start of this proccess. I have started taking some classes online with Strayer University to get some basics done and also reintroduce myself to studying. So is it a little early for me to go to the conference?
I have plenty of other questions, it seems thats pretty much all I have right now, but I’m going to do as much research as possible on this and the SDN forums before I start posting in earnest.

I think early in the process is a GREAT time to go to the conference. You’ll get information on application, getting to know faculty so you can get good letters of reference, get inspired, and talk to people who are a bit ahead of you in the process. It can give you a clearer sense of direction, which I found invaluable.
C’mon in, the water’s fine!

First, welcome to OldPreMeds! We are a friendly & opinionated lot; so one of the first rules of thumb - don’t ask questions that you do not want honest answers to! Seriously, we started out as a group of folks confused by the med school admissions process who were trying to gain some understanding. We have evolved into a large electronic community who truly feel invested in helping not only ourselves; but also those around us to achieve our collective goal of becoming a physician. The most valuable ammunition you can acquire for this process is knowledge. We are an excellent venue for this, but only one venue. Our conference is another. But do not rely exclusively on those - read & talk to others, whom you respect, who have been through this process both successfully & unsuccessfully & pick their brains.
Now, regarding the conference: as a 3rd year senior resident in anesthesiology, I still perceive a real benefit to these conferences. I will grant you, where I gain will be wholly different than someone starting out, but there is immense benefit for all levels of training. Now, the conferences are primarily directed to the benefit of pre-meds - which is where you are. The more you know early one, the more efficient & successful you are likely to be. I wish there had been something like this around when I was starting off. It coulda saved me a ton of money, effort & heartache.
Hope to see you there.

Well I’ve got no problems with brutal honesty so I guess I’ll feel free to ask away.
I will sign up for the conference. It is really convenient for me I only work a few hundred yards away from the hotel so I think it would be foolish not to. I just wanted to make sure that there would be value now as opposed to waiting until I was actually in the process of applying to med school.
Well I’ll go back to my research now…see you in June