OMD's Idear

An idea just struck me…or, an “idear” as they say it up here in New England! There are lots of us in or recently out of a multitude of medical schools. Maybe if each one os us…and YOU know who YOU are…open a thread entitled with the name of your particular medical school & field questions about your school. Awesome idear huh?

That’s an awesome idear!

Thank you my dear!

Can you open up a new thread?
Maybe title it "Med schools from the inside"

Not sure what you mean. Please elaborate?

I think I meant to say new forum (duh!). Have a 3rd “forum” under the med school category for information from med students about their schools. Sorry for the confusion.

I also think that it would be a great idea to have a forum named, maybe… Information about Individual Medical Schools.
I think by adding a few forums to the already current ones we could get more activity on OPM. Soon, all these posts about the various schools are going to be on previous pages and new OPMers may not think to go to older posts. If you group them together under their very own heading, then readers can go right to them.