OMG!!! It's right around the corner!!!

Hey Pre Med Family!!

Some very sharp realizations came to me this week. Now that I am all settled, and working, it dawned on me that “working” is temporary at this point. I HAVE to have everything absolutely ready to submit my applications to Post Baccs by September 1st. I know it is only April, but all of a sudden I feel REALLY rushed and as if this is all “right around the corner”! I also just realized that my commitment to the NHSC will be fully completed on October 21st. With the grace of God, and an acceptance somewhere, I will be in Post Bacc at the end of next August - 16 months from now. It feels so close I can taste it!!! I spent some time very thoroughly reviewing the AAMC review of the changes to the new MCAT. I actually kinda blew myself away a little bit. I took Biology I in 1978. I took Biology II in 1979. My Sociology, Psychology, and Statistics Courses were in 1995 and 1996. I openly admit to not knowing a LICK of Chemistry, so kinda skipped that section, but dared myself to answer the little prototype questions they had in the review. As they said in Monty Python " I ain’t dead yet!" I only missed one answer on all the practice questions. I am shocked that with all those years between me and the coursework, I could dredge up the concepts from my distant past. It definitely helped me to make the decision to take Biochemistry. Now I am all twitterpated and excited!!! The future is within my reach!!!