On-Line Books

Does anyone know of any good free on-line books for the following subjects:

  1. General Chem I

  2. Biology I

  3. Algebra

  4. Trigonometry

    I will be taking my first semester in Fall 2007 and wanted to get ahead. Like most of you I work full time and have a family. I am not taking the Summer semester, and I thought in that time I can get on-line from work during my lunch hour and get ahead on these subjects before starting in the Fall.

    Even paid on-line books will do but I hope it is not too costly.

They aren’t exactly online books, but MIT offers many of its courses online for free. See MIT OpenCourseWare

Thanks Emergency. I have looked at that website before. It is good, but offers only class notes/lectures. It is hard to follow. I was looking for on-line books or even CDs which I could follow and self-study.

I found Gen Chem on the Wikibooks website but it is incomplete an missing links, etc.

I can’t vouch for the quality of either, but here are two links I had saved:

Computer Assisted Chemistry Tutorial

UC Berkley iTunes

Here is the link to the chemistry tutoring site for Towson University (a state school here in Maryland and also where I did my post-bacc). Liina is an awesome tutor and her site has many hand-outs on the key concepts in chemistry, from the basic to the more advanced. She even keeps a map in her office showing where her site has gotten hits from, and there are many pins from remote places of the world. Hope it helps.



Thanks for the great question, and even greater responses, I am in the same position of working and having a family, but wanted to read up in preparation for classes Fall '07


Very good links everyone! Though I am having some problems with the Berkeley on iTunes website: When I click “Take Me to Berkeley on iTunes U” link to access the material I get the “this page cannot be displayed” error.

Also, does someone know of any computer CDs on Chemistry, etc. I can purchase, or burn, or anything I can download on my computer?

Thanks for all your help!!!

Do you have iTunes installed? The link is attempting to launch iTunes. You can also forgo iTunes and use Real Media player or MP3 here: