On-line courses

i’m hearing about on-line courses for Physics and Chem. Do you think the med admissions people frown upon them when fulfilling the “big 4”?

How the heck would a person complete the lab requirement with an online course?

I would check with the medical schools you are interested in attending to find out what they think!

Definitely check with the medical schools in which you are interested. My personal opinion (just a gut feeling–no research on it) is that you lose a lot in the educational process by taking courses online. Sure, you can get the work done and get a grade, and let’s face it, online courses are often designed to be easier. But you lose the interaction with the professor and other students where much learning takes place. Also, the labs are a big question. Even if they do give you a “home kit” to do labs, you don’t work with the lab equipment and the same chemicals, and again, you don’t learn from your fellow students and their experiences. (The MCAT has questions directly related to, or at least referencing, lab techniques.)
I can understand the appeal for doing online coursework–sitting at home to do the work and do it when it fits into a person’s schedule is a huge draw. But it has to be balanced with the educational drawbacks. It is extremely important that every pre-med student is extremely familiar with, and has a working understanding of, the material.

Check with schools and go from there, some online courses will not appear as “online” on transcripts BUT regadless you HAVE to master the material for the MCAT. In general, online courses are much easier (yes, I am sure there are exceptions but in general) than the real deal because let’s face it you will NOT get the full Monti. It sounds appealing but why go online if you can go to class? remember once you hit medical school you will more than likely attend some classes better get used to it now…

Good points for everyone.
I have taken Chem I & II and Bio I & II online with labs done at home. I actually found them much harder then when I took classes in University. I already have chem and micro so the material isnt new.
The biggest hurdle for many of us is the inability to take clases at a univ. My schedule for work simply dosent allow it. So while not ideal, online classes were the only way i could do these pre reqs.
I have talked to numerous DO schools and they did not care about where I did the class as long as the grade was good and the MCAT was good. Like anything, you get out of it what you put into it regardless of in class or online.
I cant speak for MD schools in general about online classes as i havent asked any.

I can’t see how online classes can be a problem for schools that offer an Independent Study option like OSU and Wichita or something like that. This ISP isn’t new one school started back in 72 with it.
I would check with schools you plan on attending though.


I actually found them much harder then when I took classes in University.

I’ve taken classes from chemsitry to religion on line and I found them to be VERY time consuming and equally as “hard”. I think because the rep of these types of classes is that they are “easier”, the profs make them that much more “difficult” to complete with a good grade.
Also as far as credibility is concenred, I think it’s a better idea to take an online course that has an in class equivalent course.