On Setbacks and Bad Days

So I have been taking one class a semester at night since I work full-time and fitting in volunteering on Friday evenings. In the last year and a half, I have taken Physics 1, Org Chem 1, and Org Chem 2 (all 4 hrs credit, all made A’s) Already have over 100 volunteer hours and shadowed a coupled doctors for about 20 hours. I just started Microbiology (since Physics 2 isn’t offered in the fall at my school) and will also start the Kaplan MCAT prep course on Sept. 28th. Plan to take the MCAT on January 29th and apply the very first second that I am able to in Spring of 2010.

My GPA sucks and it always has, even though the A’s in the sciences of my post-bac career bring it up a tiny… little… itsy bitsy smidge. I had been planning that after this Micro class and a class that I would take in the spring (assuming I make A’s - which I will) that I would finally hit the 3.0 mark. Not great, but a small goal for me and from the people that I’ve talked to it seems that a 3.0 is at least enough to apply with in my state and feel like you might have a chance. There has been a small shadow of uncertainty about some classes that I took in high school for dual credit. I was 99% sure that I had made 2 A’s, a B, and a C in some English and Math courses. I hadn’t gotten the transcript though because, well, I just haven’t. I was so sure that those were my grades that I didn’t see the point. Also, you have the fill out the form, write the stupid check for $10 and blablabla. This was a mistake. I finally decided to have it mailed to me, and the grades were 2 B’s, a C, and a D. OH MY GOSH. I know it’s my own fault but I am so discouraged. Now the GPA won’t get to a 3.0 by Spring 2010 unless I take 16 credit hours next semester. I would probably have to quit my job, or at least go part time. I want to go way back in time to when I was 17 and kick myself in the rear.

I plan to call the schools in my state on Monday and ask them if there’s a base GPA that they must have before looking at the application. All my other stats are great and I am confident in myself and my application, but geez. The stupid frickin’ GPA!

On another great note, my boss calls me this evening while I am at the hospital volunteering to ask me to come back to the office to send him an email (since he doesn’t do it himself). He really needs it done. Very important - you know, since he’s a very important executive. I tell him that I am already clocked in, volunteering and that I could come when I leave. I’ve already put in my 40 hours. He says no. This isn’t good enough. Where are my priorities? Can he count on me or not? So I have to leave the hospital (which looks great), drive BACK to my office, and send him an email - which happens to be an application to a country club that he wants to join.

Currently having a Friday night beer and trying to take a deep breath. Any advice/encouragement is sincerely appreciated!!!

So, sorry that you are discouraged. I, too, would be scared to pull my HS transcript. I am not even sure what it is. However, you are doing it now (bringing your grades up, pursuing your dream). You must keep looking to the future and see your possibility. You just might make it, and it will feel amazing when you do. Currently, you are not adding to your regrets and you have to be proud of that. Don’t get down on yourself. Just power through. Enjoy the beer!


I wouldn’t worry too much. No medical school admissions committee is going to see your high school transcript. Double check to make sure that your dual credit classes aren’t just carried over as non GPA credit towards your degree.

Thank you guys for the encouragement. I love this board and the fact that I have peers! Seems hard to find in my neck of the woods. A girl just can’t find good non-trads these days without going to the internets!

Hugz, I am pretty sure it does count towards my undergrad GPA. I’ve looked at the AMCAS application instructions and from what I recall they do count as legitimate hours. The classes were taken at a college, even though it was before I was a “college student”. I may (please, hopefully) be wrong though. This is another question to add to my list when I call Admissions Counselors on Monday!

Ouch! about the HS classes being college credit. Can’t a girl get a break???

hi guys,

i have a somewhat similar story with regards to college courses i took long ago in high school. since they showed up on the transcript of the college where i got my BS degree, i had no choice but to report it to amcas. i took an econ class when i was a high school junior (it was a “televised” class) where all i did was flirt with this guy who ended up becoming my future boyfriend - haha - and i got a D-!! ouch!! and when i had to add it to my amcas (those are the rules), it showed up as the very first listed item since the name of the school started with the letter C! i’m sure adcoms will love seeing my list of classes and the very first grade they see is a D-…

i hired a kaplan admissions counselor after i took my mcat earlier this year, and she said not to sweat it too much. that adcoms will recognize that it was just one class. and you were in high school at the time.

some of the secondary applications i filled out give you a section to explain D and F grades on your transcript too…

hope this helps… i know we all have our bad days… good luck on your classes!

oh yeah, and amcas rules are that you MUST report EVERY college level course you took. even if it was just one summer. even if it didn’t count towards your degree.


Unfortunately, I think the classes will count, but you’re doing great now so I’d focus on that!!