On the fence....

Hello everyone!

Great site, very surprised when I found this. Reading some of the forum posts has been almost cathartic for me. I was pre-med in college, loved most of the classes but not the imbalance I ‘percieved’ in how pre-med students experienced college compared to other students. 3/4ths of the way through a biology degree I switched to Economics.

It would seem that almost 20years later now I am still looking to ‘find myself’ and during these 20 years I have never stopped thinking about medicine or med-school and becoming a doctor. Until recently I thought it was too late. Then I found some news clips of older people matriculating at med-schools and then of course found this site.

I guess even after all this time it’s never too late based on the posts I’ve read- it gives me hope, I feel recharged again. I look forward to reading more posts and hope it will help me come to a final decision about which path to take.

Thank you everyone!