One last pre-med course?

I am thinking of auditing ONE LAST course this spring as I prepare for med school. Options include a metabolism course through the chemistry department (just did biochemistry and found it a little light in terms of content; metabolism would fill in the holes) or biometry (biological stats) from the biology department. Useful things like immunology, cell bio, and physiology are not being offered this spring.
The other option is to lie around the house like a princess, drinking wine and eating bonbons, as if I could put all that relaxation in the bank to be withdrawn later. Hahaha.
I welcome people’s thoughts.

If your not going to take the wine and bon bons option it seems like the metabolism course would be more helpful in terms of making your life easier once you start med school.Meaning that you’ll have studied the various metabolic pathways once or twice and when you take biochem and physiology, they won’t be brand new to you and you won’t have to work as hard.
Stats are interesting and a little helpful in reading articles and in the future if you do research but doesn’t seem that important for learning medicine.
There’s my 2 cents.

Relax, Relax, Relax…
I just got done with my semester and when I think that in a month, after I come back from Poland, visiting my folks, I’ll have to contiune with the 2nd semester of Physics and Kaplan MCAT perep class I’m getting sikc!!! And I know that although I’m going to have hard few months ahead…it’s nothing in comparison with a study load you’ll have in a medical school starting in August! So just relax and…maybe take some other class…like knitting, painting, singing (I know you don’t need any dance classes)…anything that you might not have a chance to try for the next 4+ years…
it was my 2 cents…
but I don’t have much experience, so maybe you should wait for some ‘wiser’ and better piece of advice.

Hey Denise, go for the cabernet and bon bons. :slight_smile: Seriously though, think about taking a break and doing something(s) fun for the next 8 or 9 months. It will be decades before you have this kind of time again, and if you can possible afford to use this time for “freedom,” do think about doing just that.
Happy Holiday!

Maybe you could contact the school and find out if they have any suggested reading to prepare with? Then you could spend your time reading at your leisure

Oh thats an easy one grab the anatomy book and study, Thats what I would do. Ah Brachial plexus.

What Judy said. While there might be some incremental change in the depth of your required studying if you take something “relevant” this spring, it’s just not enough of a difference to matter. Frankly if I were you I’d sign up for the weekly Travelzoo e-mail listing of last-minute internet travel sales, and be available to grab a cool trip to New Zealand or something. (Why do I get these? I couldn’t drop everything and go on any of these trips, but they’re always fun to read about, go figure.)

Hey - good idea! I lived in New Zealand for about 8 months - it was my first professional job out of college (not long-term, but who could pass it up?!).
So, Mary (or anyone else) if you plan to go, I might be able to answer any questions for you!

I spent 3 weeks last March (quiet time for consulting ) cycling in New Zealand with friends. I can’t wait to return!!
Happy Holidays!

SOLD! Wine and bonbons it is!

I was hoping you would! Have some chardonay for me!


I spent 3 weeks last March (quiet time for consulting ) cycling in New Zealand with friends. I can’t wait to return!!
Happy Holidays!

Oh, what a good time to go - the fall is so nice there! I’ve visited several times and missed the fall, and in my 8 months of living there I missed the fall, too, but spring is beautiful too!

Great choice!!!