One more semster to go!

Hey All,
I have been debating about posting this but after some consideration I thought that I would go ahead. I finally got up the nerve to check my grades from last semester and … I got an A in both Physics and Organic . I was really working about as hard as I could last semester, really stressed out, and didn’t feel like I was going to pull it off. I was in fact worried about not getting B’s in the classes. The reason I was hesitating on posting is because I didn’t want to be viewed as a braggart. The reason that I did post is because I really feel like if I can do it anyone can. Good luck to everyone this semester!!! Hang tough and lean on the folks of OPM when you need to

hey that’s great. Always post good news. We all like to share in the good news!!!

Damon, you ROCK. Congratulations! And as Amy says, everyone needs to hear this good news. Hard work pays off and it’s important for everyone else to know that it’s possible. Way to go!

Congratulations on your A’s in two really tough classes!! You’re my hero.

Thanks for the kind words everybody!

Whoo hoo Damon! Way to go!

You go, guy! Knock 'em dead!

WAY TO GO!! You have a certified right to brag about an A in OChem! Good luck in your future!

Man the only A I got was in Physics. OChem was a solid B no matter how hard I studied. I always screwed up those electron transport mechanisms one way or the other.
It comes in a little handy when you do Medical school tho… not as detailed mechanically, but for learning pathways its a great base builder.