One step closer to the dream!

I can’t help but to feel like I’m on an emotional roller coaster at the moment. My dream to become a physician is about to go into the next phase as I have been accepted at both WVSOM and KCOM. Second to the birth of my children, this is the most exciting and humbling feeling I have ever felt in my life. I’m still trying to digest the fact that I’m about to walk through the door that sometimes seemed so far away and impossible to reach.
So many people have been instrumental in helping me reach this goal. Most notably is my wife and the members of OPM. My wife has been the foundation and support which provided the stability for me to complete undergrad. She always believed in me, even when I sometimes didn’t believe in myself. OPM was a God-send for me to come across back in late 1999. Talking with and being supported by the early members (OMD, Mike H, Linda W, Mary, Jeff J, Dr. Nat B, Dr. Pelley,etc.) always gave me the lift and support I needed in knowing that you’re never too old to pursue and obtain the dream. I thank you all for that. Speaking of God, well he’s definitely made an impact in my life and continues to do so.
I don’t intend for this post to be bragging in nature, rather I want to show and encourage those that may be just kicking around the idea about becoming a physician or those that are currently struggling through undergrad, MCAT prep, or the application process. Never give up the dream. Take small bites on your way to achieving that goal…one day at a time, one test at a time, one class at a time, one semester at a time, etc. Don’t forget about those around you, for it’s easy to do. Most importantly, don’t forget about YOU. Nurture yourself, love yourself, and be patient. Like many before me have said over and over…this is a marathon. Take it mile by mile, rest stop to rest stop, and before you know it the finish line will be near. If I can get make it this far, then so can the rest of you.

I don’t know what to say except, YOU GO DR. CHAMBERS! Congratulations on your acceptances!

Congratulations, Dr. Chambers! What great news - isn’t it an awesome feeling? Prepare to work harder and have more fun than you thought possible. You’re about to start a new marathon - the difference being that this time the finish line is a virtual certainty rather than a big unknown. You will learn and grow and change in so many ways in your journey to becoming a physician. It is a great experience, and I’m very glad you’re poised to start it.

Hooray!!! Congratulations!
Susan - Chicago/Minneapolis

Way to go Chris - I hope to see you at WVSOM.

You rock! Way to go!

Many many CONGRATULATIONS! Of course, I am hoping he will select for my alma mater!!!

Whee-hoo!!! Congrats!
Perhaps we’ll meet at KCOM!!!
For quick links and info about Kirksville, I’ve set up a blog for KCOM’s Class of 2008. It’s mostly short messages and links to items of interest in the area, like the public schools, realtors, etc. There are 3-4 of us who pop in from time to time. Take a look!
KCOM Class of 2008!

Whatever your decision, congratulations! And BTW, you have a right to brag some. You have accomplished something very big. I liked seeing you mentioning your wife, that was nice. Good luck in your future, Dr. Chambers!

Doesn’t it just defy description go from wondering if you’ll make it in after all that time and work and money and energy to - ACTUALLY HAVING TO GIVE UP YOUR SEAT IN A MEDICAL SCHOOL???

Of course I’m happy for your acceptances. . . . BUT. . . I have to agree with BacMedic. . . . hope to see you here at WVSOM next year!!

That’s great. congrats to you!!!

KCOM vs. WVSOM…aye…aye…aye!!!
Thanks to everybody for the kudos! I never thought I would even get the opportunity to have to choose which medical school to go to. I always figured that maybe I would get lucky and get one school to open the door and that would be my place to go…but dang…this has been tough having to make a decision on what school is not only is the best fit for me, but for the family as well. My wife and I have literally agonized over this situation. It’s unfortunate that the schools throw a deadline on you (10 days or less) in which to decide where to send your $1000 to $2000 bucks. Unfortunately, I can’t afford to send money to both schools in order to give myself a little more time in which to decide by taking the wife up and letting her get a good feel for both areas (Kirksville and Lewisburg). It’s just the game that you have to play and it’s understandable why the schools do that. They have to fill their seats as quickly as possible and eliminate the folks, like me, that are hemhawing on what to do. The problem for me is that both places really felt comfy to me and I know that I could be successful at both institutions…but…something is just pulling me harder towards KCOM. I suppose and hope it’s God’s hand that is nudging me in the right direction. So, with that, I’ll unfortunately have to call WVSOM and tell them to free up my chair. I feel so guilty for rejecting somebody that actually gave an older guy, who didn’t quite have his s**t straight as a youngster, a chance finally. I suppose it happens everyday and it’s probably no sweat to them. There is always somebody just as qualified if not better to fill my vacant seat. I can at least feel good knowing that I’ll help with someone else in getting in that deserves it as much as me or more.
Linda Wilson-
Thanks so much for your time, energy, and friendship during my stay in Lewisburg. You and Zane undoubtedly made this a harder decision to make knowing that there were such kind people, such as yourselves, residing in Lewisburg. I wish you the best of luck and I hope our paths cross again someday really soon…like say…maybe the Denver convention???
Now, if I could just get TCOM to quit playing their little game with me by stringing me out til only God knows when on their waitlist. When it comes to TCOM vs. KCOM…well…not having to move talks and the money difference REALLY talks (TCOM tuition~$7K/year and KCOM tuition~$31K/year). We shall see…

I will always be eternally endebted to KCOM for giving a major screw-up (in my wild & wooly youth) the benfit of a doubt & reserving a chair in the Class of 2003 for me. No, it is not a perfect place - but I was given the opportunity to gain a superb education & had sincere support from the faculty & staff…hell, I started donating to them monthly during my MS-III year! Ain’t too much, but it is the thought that counts!

As I mentioned on the phone, I don’t think you’d be going wrong w/ either school. And, of course, I am biased…Again, many congrats on getting in & having to make such a wonderful choice. Many folks have walked this trail over & over again & will never be in such a fortuitous situation. You have a lot to be thankful for, esp for the love & support of your family & friends.