Online Asynchronous class format

Hi! I currently work full time as a back office medical assistant so my days are busy and my only time for class is after work. Has anyone taken an Online Asynchronous style class? Is it frowned upon or does it look bad on a medical school application? The one im specifically look at at is at a UC school so im not sure if that makes a difference.

I would reach out to the schools you’re interested in and just ask them directly if they’ll take them for a non-trad with a full-time job. The worst they’ll say is “nope”, or they’ll likely give you some reasonable details.

I reached out to UCSD, Baylor, and Emory, and they all said they look at online classes the same. Harvard does as well. Nearly every DO school doesn’t care either. Some schools especially many state schools in various states are a hard “no” for required classes.

However, with whats going on, things may be a bit more flexible. So your best bet is to shoot their admissions an e-mail to get the most up to date information.

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good to know, thank you!

Agree with @Tybera about contacting schools. I’m planning to take physics 1 with UNE Online this summer and contacted several DO schools after my post-bacc program director said schools frown upon asynchronous classes. I suspected my program director was wrong, given that UNE doesn’t indicate the classes are online on their transcript (similar to my home post-bacc institution). I reached out to 6-7 DO schools and every single one of them said they will accept these classes since UNE is a regionally accredited university and physics 1 includes a lab component.

Contacting the schools worked well in my favor a few weeks ago when I had a zoom meeting with my post-bacc program’s new advisor. She said the exact same thing as the program director about schools frowning upon UNE classes. Fortunately, I had evidence in my favor and the advisor accepted the answer I got from schools as valid.

I’m undecided as to whether I’ll apply to MD schools alongside with DO, but I think many MD schools would accept UNE courses. I can tell you offhand that Tufts and Tulane said they will accept online courses at a regionally accredited universities when I checked their websites last month