online bachelors degree

I am in the process of starting my pre-med reqs and also finishing an online Bachelors in Health Care Studies From Ashford University. Has anyone had negative feedback by going this route. I currently have 65 hours from University with a 3.5 gpa. I will finish my sciences about the same time i finish Bachelors. Thanks

Just from my professional experience in my pre-pre-med life, I was always told by supervisors that resumes with online degree weren’t looked at. That was in accounting, so I don’t know what med-schools would say. I know a major online Univ. has an ad on this website, my experience has been that most “professional” don’t think online degrees are worth much.

I think online degrees don’t hold much weight in any field. I’ve been told that by many professors. From what I understand medical schools even frown upon prereqs being completed at a community colleges as they are perceived to be less rigorous than a 4-year college or a university. There are no online medical schools (thank goodness) and the admissions committees have no way of assessing an applicant’s ability to perform in a classroom if all of the classes were done online.

I have found online classes actually require more time and effort than BRICK AND MORTOR classes. I do understand the traditonal mindset of admission folks. I will meet the 90 Hour requirement and will finish a Traditional degree during my glide year if that is what it takes. " If it is to be its up to me"