Online class and transcripts

Hi All

I am sure this question may have been asked before but I can’t find the answer.

I plan on taking physics (lecture online, lab on-site, like thomasfx did). Any one knows if the transcript will mention this is an online lecture class or not?

I don’t want to put in the time if it is a problem down the road. I am afraid that some schools will discard out right the online credits (or see them as less rigorous).

Thank you for your help.

I think the best way to answer this question is speak to the registrar at your college / university as to how it will appear on your transcript from them.

I imagine it may vary from school to school, so not sure anyone here can answer this question for you.


And so I did. It seems that the section will contain a W if a lecture is taken online. For instance for Physics 1, the transcript would list PHYS1401.W1C.

How would a school notice this is an online class?Is this standard?

And by the way, thanx Lynda.

My guess is every school has personel who look at transcripts. The people responsible are able to spot classes marked by certain letter WIC, CR, WEB, just as easy as they can tel grades. I think they understand which letters signify web base class. It might be standard.

I am almost certain they will be able to tell that it’s online course. But it seems to me that if your GPA overall is high and your MCAT is competitive, then it won’t matter much if one course is an online course.

Question: why take the physics class online? Was it for scheduling reasons? Cost? Just curious.

Thx all.

As to why online? Schedule issues. I have tried to take it during Spring but had to drop on the first week due to schedule issues. I couldn’t take it this Fall either so I went for online and dropped it again.

Sad thing though. I am sure I can ace it. But given the time it takes, I have decided to do it on-site and not take a chance.

On top of it, I am taking my classes at a CC, so if you add the online factor… Yes cost is a major issue along with others.