Online courses while active duty military

Aloha all,

I am currently active duty USCG and unfortunately with my schedule I am only able to attend online classes. I have two years left until I separate and plan to attend a brick and mortar school. I’m trying to take advantage of tuition assistance as much as I can so I can save my GI bill for when I separate. In previous podcast episodes I hear about how schools will generally see it as a negative. Are schools more forgiving with online courses if the applicant is active duty? I have only completed freshman level and general ed classes thus far. Should I stop where I’m at and wait until I separate to continue?

Thanks for any and all input, mahalo.

Hello. I had to make this same decision as well. I’m in the Air Force stationed in Alaska and it didn’t make sense for me to wait and take in person classes all along my journey. There were certain times that I took in person classes at night at the community college (organic chem, physics). I am sure there will be some people who suggest waiting but I have had 2 friends who were also active duty take online masters courses (MPH and MS in biochem) and they were both accepted into medical school. So all in all I think it’s ok and has been done before just depends on the classes. Good luck!