Online Degree Before Pre-requisites

Searched through the forum but could not find this topic specifically. I am currently Active Duty and due to the OPTEMPO of my position, it is close to impossible attend a Brick and Mortar school for my pre-requisites. However, I am a few classes away from being able to complete my Bachelor’s. I am trying to figure out if it would be smarter to get off active duty and complete a traditional Bachelor’s, or go ahead and finish my degree then focus on knocking out my pre-reqs through an in-person post-Bacc program?

I am also active duty and finished my degree entirely online. I am now pending separation on 1 September to begin my post bacc at a brick and mortar school nearby. I personally found it easier to finish the online degree because they took a lot of my credits from the Air Force (eternally grateful for the CCAF) so it only took me a year to finish my online BS and then one more year for prereqs. My advice would be to do whichever one is cheaper and quicker. I am single with no children so I was okay with leaving the military but others like the financial stability of staying AD. Ultimately, both will lead you to where you want to go but the path will have to be chosen based off how you WANT to get there.