Online Medical School?

I’m curious as to whether or not anyone has heard of the Oceania University of Medicine in Somoa? Their website is: They are offering medical school online.


My only comment…


I think you would face significant obstacles both in completing your clinical requirements in the states and in gaining licensure in the states. Not to mention trying to get a residency position . . .

Here’s the first red flag:

“Using the OUM approach, students study in classroom, laboratory, and clinical settings during the 8-week Introduction to Medicine and then via distance learning from their own community. Students studying at a distance identify and study with a mentor, who must be a registered medical practitioner with at least 4 years post-graduate experience (PGY4). Distance students meet with their mentor at least twice weekly for a total of approximately 2 hrs.”

I don’t know of any doctor who can reliably and regularly clear up two hours a week of their schedule to meet with a single student over two years.

I would strenuously advise avoiding on-line medical study. Medical school is a process of learning a foreign language and a set of customs and behaviors as much as it is a process of learning a set of facts. Online medical school would be like getting a set of language CDs and then expecting to become fluent without ever going to places where that language was spoken. I think it would put you at a real disadvantage in ways that would be much more profound than the obvious and serious problems of getting reliable clinical rotations in the States which would offer good teaching, getting residency slots, etc.


Red FLag, Big one a few states have already banned Internet Medical schools- Ones who have online Basic Sci, either the ban is outright or by requiring the Basic sci to be in the Country of charter or by 80% attendance rule.

Do not do it! Is my advice.