Online Organic w/ Lab???

I have researched another thread here to try to find schools with distance learning and none panned out. The University of Oregon does not have a class. I have yet to find an Organic class AND lab online. Does anyone know of one? I am currently on a contract job over in Europe and need to find one. Any leads would be much appreciated. Thanks.

I can’t really think of a way it would be possible to have on online lab, at least not from what I remember of O-chem lab. Any other classes you need to take that don’t require a lab?

The only one I have come across is at Athabasca University in Northern Alberta. You can apparently do the class stuff through distance education and then have to go to an approved week long lab session to complete the lab component.

Check out


I know UNECOM offers a full year of distance, premedical organic chemistry with labs. Labs are completed using computer simulations. Mountain State University might still offer distance organic chemistry. A fellow sailor while deployed on board a ship completed several premedical prerequisites through Mountain State University. He’s now in medical school.

UNECOM also offers a popular distance biochemistry course.

I did organic without lab as distance ed from university of Oklahoma - - I would not count on it working for most people that way though - In fact, I got in without actually finishing organic chem - I still am not sure why, and I am probably making some folks very jealous by saying that. I also hope the UNECOM people don’t see this and revoke my degree.

I remember O-Chem was the hardest course to get as an evening class anywhere in my area. I did distance ed largely out of desperation and ignorance without asking ahead if that would meet anyone’s requirements. And through purpose or neglect I just got lucky

Do online Chemistry courses meet the pre-med pre-req requirement of Physician Assistant programs in USA or medical/dental schools or any other health professions for that matter. I already have a Bachelors and Masters degree, so just want to do these online courses to improve my GPA and also since my grades were not great back then.

Can anyone please shed some light on this issue. thanks a million!:slight_smile:

Basically, yes, to all scenarios because UNECOM is a medical school targeting the above courses for pre-professional health care students (prePA, premed, predental, pre-optometry, et cetera) needing to satisfy pre-professional health care school prerequisite requirements (referring to course descriptions and anecdotal experiences of friends).

Heck, the PA program I was accepted to accepted UC Berkeley’s watered down versions of the above courses. Berkeley’s courses are really pre-allied health courses (nursing, RT, OT, et cetera) not pre-professional health care school courses.

To anyone reading this thread:

I feel compelled to warn those asking about distance ed and other “atypical” scenarios: you MUST do your own due diligence on these questions. Do not EVER assume that because it worked for one person, in one situation, at one school – that it is necessarily going to work for you. If you are doing ANYthing that is outside the norms for educational preparation for med school (or PA school or other health professional school), do NOT take advice here or anywhere else as gospel. “Trust but verify,” hell. Don’t trust – just verify.

For that matter, I would not necessarily assume that a pre-med advisor at a four-year university would be able to give you good advice about any unconventional preparation for med school. The scenarios being tossed around here are exactly the ones where you have to go to the horse’s mouth: the AdCom office of any school where you intend to apply.

Good luck!


I have to Agree with Mary. My own experience was that it worked for me, but I think it was more dumb luck than anything. I would not advise counting on it working out the way I did it.

Definitely talk directly to the admissions folks at the schools you are interested in applying to.

Schools may vary on what they will and won’t accept.

Mountain State University offers Organic Chem 1 & 2 with labs via distance learning.

I think University of New England also offers an Organic Chemistry course for medical professions, but you’d have to make sure that it was acceptable to the PA, med schools, etc. that you were considering applying to.

If you’re going to do it, however, I’d look at MSU first. UNE’s program isn’t as solid, most likely.

Good luck! I took General Chem online through Oklahoma University and am hoping to make it into med school in 2010, so we’ll just see what they say