online pre med courses?

Hello, does anyone know where I can find a physics course online and also organic chem and cellular and micro biology all with labs, that are accredited in the US?

I know Eastern Oregon State has physics and University of New England has the rest, but I am looking for any others so I can compare the curriculum to what will work for me.

(home-bound with newly diagnosed autistic baby)



Athabascau University is accredited by the Middle States Commission on Higher Education, the same organization that accredits John Hopkins University and Georgetown University.

Thank you, Have you took this course? Do you know the level of difficulty?

Can you simply delay things for a few years until your baby gets acclimated? Autism is tough without external stressors. I can’t imagine having to worry about my GPA at the same time.


I’m assuming you’re looking at taking these courses to eventually move into medical school. If so, I’d strongly suggest that you speak with medical schools to be sure that these courses will even meet what is required of medical schools in order to apply, let alone be accepted. It would be a shame to shell out all the money for these courses only to have to retake in order to apply to medical school.

Best of luck with everything.