Online undergrad degree - possible to get in to med school?


I am looking at an online degree from ASU in Biological sciences with a focus in biomedical sciences. The degree uses online labs and has a 2 week in person session for organic chem / biochem labs. My goal is to go to medical school, however I am hesitant to enroll in the program because I know online classes are not as competitive when applying to medical school. Currently I am a flight paramedic in the Air Force and travel a lot for the job. Originally I was enrolled in an in-person bachelors program in North Carolina. Recently however I was moved to California. All of the schools near me are not doing in person classes due to COVID. I know some medical schools are accepting online classes at least for the duration of the pandemic, however, I feel a 100% online degree will be looked at differently.

Would finishing my degree in an online format be a complete waste of time? If anyone has ever heard of a successful medical school application with an online undergraduate degree I would love to hear your input.

Thank you very much,


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