Online vs. Campus Post-Bacc

Hello all!

I am in need of your sound wisdom!

I am planning to go through a pre-med post-bacc program. There are only 2 in my state (though there are numerous master degree programs based in science that help you obtain your pre-reqs). One of the programs is done online. Although on your transcript, it wouldn’t differentiate b/t campus or online classes, I find it nearly impossible to do physics or chemistry online. They even have anatomy virtual lab.

Has anyone taken an online post-bacc program? Would you recommend it?

Thanks so much!

I did a DIY postbacc online including orgo I/II, bio II, and biochem. The program was self-paced (except bio II) so I could work on it with a highly unpredictable work schedule. I would recommend it if it is what makes most sense for you. If you have a chance to take the classes in a classroom setting, I think you’ll get more out of the program.

There are pros and cons to online classes that can be found on other posts.

Having done both virtual and traditional chem lab work (orgo - virtual), I must preferred the virtual lab and think I got just as much understanding of reactions as in the traditional setting. Traditional labs are good, though, for learning the details behind lab procedures, which you may see on the MCAT.