Only Kaplan?

Hi, I recently purchased the Kaplan MCAT 2002 study materials through an eBay auction. The classes are way too expensive for me to attend, so I plan on doing the ‘self study’ thing. I also plan on getting the AAMC tests. I have the big red Kaplan book from 2000 with the CD ROM.
Also, as I read up on each topic, I look for problem sets on the web. For example, I looked up some high school physics sites for problem sets on ‘Linear Motion’ and tried solving those.
Now, is this material sufficient enough for the MCAT? Or does Kaplan lack significant topics that the MCAT covers? MONEY is my chief criteria here (or should I say lack of?!) Any input will be appreciated.

have you taken all the prerequisite classes - gen-chem 1&2, college (non-calculus) physics 1&2, organic chem 1&2 and biology 1&2? If you're using the Kaplan materials as review for material you've already learned in classes, then yes, what you're doing sounds fine. If you're trying to learn the material for the first time - NO it is not enough. (and of course you'll need the classes anyway)
I wouldn't waste time on problem sets that aren't set out in MCAT style (i.e. a reading passage followed by questions).
Every once in awhile I hear of someone who's anxious to get into med school as soon as possible, so they take the MCAT and THEN complete prerequisites during the next year, while they're applying. I have even heard of it working occasionally, but for most people it's probably not a good idea.

I am taking the prerequisites now. I will be done with them by spring of 2003 hopefully. I had already taken these classes, but that was about 10 years ago! So your advice is that I should probably not waste my time on questions that are not in the MCAT style then! That means practise tests only, the other material probably wont be very helpful apart from taking a lot of my time. Thanks.

If you've taken the classes once before, then the Kaplan review books should be fine. Questions should definitely be practiced in MCAT format. If you are willing to spend a little more money, the Princeton Review Flowers & Silver MCAT review is a good book for reviewing topics; there are questions sprinkled throughout the review text to help you make sure you're on track. Then at the end of each topic, there's one or two MCAT-style passages to reinforce that material. It helped me a lot. Good luck!

I'll look into the Flower's book, I've heard a lot of good things about it. Thanks Mary.