Opinions on the the free princeton review practice MCAT?

I took this test about a week ago and did horrible on it! It was so much harder than I remember the MCAT being ( of course, that was more than 7 years ago…). I took this as a baseline since I just recently started studying. My plan was to take practice tests once a month until I take the real thing, that way I can figure out my weak spots and work on them. Right now, I know physics is my weak spot. Everything else just needs a quick refresher, or so I thought.

For those of you who have taken this practice test and taken the real MCAT, was this free test representative of the real deal? Or did you guys think it was harder than the real test? I wonder if they made the test hard just to encourage people to take their class. I have to admit, I was about ready to sign up for it after that test.

I haven’t taken it, but you might be on the right path. They do have a motivation to make that test hard and scary.

The PR tests I looked at didn’t seem to reflect the style or difficulty of the real MCAT as much as one might hope.

I took the PR class and took many princeton review practice tests. In general, they were more difficult that the AAMC practice tests but I was getting 9s and 10s and 11s on all sections even on PR tests by the end and still only made a 27. I think there is a bit of a scare tactic to get your brain hyper activated so that you will ace the real deal. I think it is good. You always want to study a level deeper than you think you are tested to ensure success. I happen to be one of those people who are not as successful on standardized tests but I am hoping that will change with more practice. Good luck!

Yes, the Princeton practices tend to be a bit harder than the real thing. But the more germane and encouraging news is that YOU will improve in your testtaking ability and will not find the later practices as hard as the 1st.

I’m the biggest Princeton Review booster there is-- I would not have made it to med school without them.

One more thing that comes to mind…low score in physics does not necesssary mean that physics is your weak point! High score in biology (for example) doesn’t mean that bio is your strong point!

I’m not sure if PR gives you the point break-down for topics covered! Kaplan diagnostic tests did it! Remeber that not all areas are covered on every test. That’s why when you do well it means that you only know the topic that you were tested on! The same works the other way around. If you did terrible in physics it means that you had some gaps in material required to answer specific questions - you don’t necessary suck in physics.

Hope it makes sense.


I did what you did Brawen and took it to find out where I stood and pretty much like everyone else, I did poorly. But I am happy that I took it initially because it was the swift kick in the butt I needed to start studying for the actual exam. My impressions is that its biological sciences section is pretty good and similar to the structure of AAMC’s MCAT. The verbal section is more difficult than the AAMC’s but if you are having trouble with verbal it can be very useful. Its physical sciences is least helpful because it expected you to remember more than just the basic formulas. You really don’t need to know that many for the actual exam.