OPM can help you w/ taxes

Figured that title would get some attention…
Your donations of money, services & items for resale are Federally tax deductable…yes, I said that correctly - Federally Tax Deductable. So, when wondering what to do with this year’s refund OR if your pissed cause you owe for 2003 & need a worthy cause to aid in tax planning for 2004 - OPM is your saviour! We welcome one-time, scheduled or purely spontaneous donations in any denomination. Furthermore, we also can accept donated items that OPM can re-sell & retain the proceeds. This item-donation process is precisely where we obtain the multiple (but recently dwindling) selection of texts for sale in “OPM Books” & where many items that will be raffled or auctioned at the upcoming conference in Denver. In special circumstances, we can also acknowledge gifts of service too - although this gets more tricky as by definition, for something to be deductible as charity, the donor cannot of received any benefit from the donation.
Anyhow, if you are interested in helping OPM out financially…member donations, conference fees & the occasional advertiser are OPM’s EXCLUSIVE sources of income…contact either the Treasurer or one of the Board members.

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