OPM Episode 225: How to Overcome the Medical School Application Algorithm

This post is to discuss the episode “225: How to Overcome the Medical School Application Algorithm” from the OldPreMeds Podcast!

Our med school hopeful has a 514 MCAT score and a 3.9 gGPA, but is worried they might not make it past “The Algorithm” with a low uGPA. What can they do?

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I’m graduating in May with a B.S in biochem and have not taken my MCAT. I plan to take 2 gap yrs to study for my MCAT and continue my clinical experiences. I’m currently an EMT & ER Tech and will continue these experiences during my 2 gap years. I have a 3.4 sGPA & a 3.5 cGPA, is a masters program/SMP/Post-bac worth it in my case?